Jon Fishman Net Worth: How Rich Is The American Drummer In 2022?

Jon Fishman Net Worth: As you all know Jon Fishman is a well know drummer and musician who has earned a huge net worth. He rose to prominence when he founded the rock band named Phish. He was raised in NYC and is very close to the place. He became a household name in the early 1990s. In addition to becoming a superstar he has also garnered a massive net worth for himself.

Jon Fishman Net Worth

American drummer and musician Jon Fishman has an estimated net worth of $60 million. The rock band Phish, which Jon Fishman helped form in 1983 and is partially named after him, has brought him both fame and money.

Early Life

Fishman’s birthdate is February 19, 1965, and his birthplace is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His childhood was spent in Syracuse, New York. He always loved music, and the drums in particular, even as a kid. He picked up the drums at an early age and found inspiration in John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, in addition to the drummers of yore and The Who. He graduated from Syracuse’s Jamesville-Dewitt High School in 1983 and then went on to study engineering at the University of Vermont. You can also read Bill Medley Net Worth.

They became fast friends while he was a student there. Phish is largely named after Fishman, who was sometimes referred to as “Fish,” and they formed the band together. He changed his mind about engineering and enrolled at Goddard instead. In little time at all, Page McConnell had joined the group.

Jon Fishman Net Worth
Jon Fishman Net Worth


In 1983, Phish began doing shows in the New England area. They gained popularity due to their ability to improvise, jam for long periods of time, and combine musical styles. They amassed a large number of committed followers during the course of their careers. They expanded their concert appearances beyond New England during the late ’80s, leading to a boom in popularity in the ’90s. You can also check Dustin Lance Black Net Worth.

The widespread dissemination of fan-recorded videos of the band’s live performances, which were made available for free online viewing, was a major factor in the band’s initial surge in popularity. They were ahead of their time in terms of promoting themselves online to gain new followers. From 1991 through 2005, the group was under the wing of Elektra Records, a prominent label. Jon Fishman net worth increased due to his career.

After that, they started their own independent company called JEMP Records, through which they published compilation CD and DVD sets of their work. The band was named one of the most significant acts of the ’90s by “Rolling Stone” in 1998. Bonnaroo, a massive music festival in Tennessee, was inspired by their large-scale festivals and held for the first time that year.

Fishman has been the drummer and a backup singer for the band. On occasion, he would take the lead vocals during the band’s funny parodies of cover songs. Tracks like “Purple Rain” by Prince, “Getting’ Jiggy Wit It” by Will Smith, and “Cracklin’ Rose” by Neil Diamond are covered here. Additionally, Fishman has added solemn vocals to certain Phish tracks. Among his many Phish songs where he takes the lead vocals are “The Moma Dance,” “Taste,” and “Ghost.” You can also read Tab Hunter Net Worth.

The band continued playing frequently until October of 2000 when they went on an indefinite break. They resumed their concert tours in December 2002 but broke up again in August 2004. Phish resumed performing together in October of 2008 after an absence of four years.

They’ve amassed a massive international fan base, especially in their native country of America, where they’ve sold over 8 million records to date. Despite this, even the majority of their most successful songs are probably unfamiliar to the typical music listener because they never achieved widespread success. You can also go through India Arie Net Worth.

Fishman has become iconic for her doughnut-patterned blue muumuu dress, which she wears at Phish concerts. The United States Patent and Trademark Office rejected his trademark application for the design of his outfit in 2015. As a solo act, he is famous for touring the country with an Electrolux vacuum cleaner.

Fishman has been busy with side ventures during Phish’s breaks. There was a point when he played with the Vermont band Touchpants. The rock band Pork Tornado featured him on drums, and he also spent a few years playing with the Jazz Mandolin Project. The Everyone Orchestra and The Village were both major musical collectives of which Fishman was a part. Jon Fishman net worth is $60 million.

Personal Life

Fishman wed Pam Tengiris in Las Vegas in 1997; however, the couple soon separated. Later, he tied the knot with a lady whose name turned out to be Briar. They have five kids and in 2006 they bought a farm near Lincolnville, Maine. In March of 2018, the family’s efforts to renovate their Maine cabin were featured on an episode of “Maine Cabin Masters” on the DIY Network.

Fishman and his wife, both locals, started a convenience store in Lincolnville in 2016. Since 2017, Fishman has also been the host of a weekly radio programme in Belfast, Maine. “The Errant Path” airs on Thursday nights when Phish is in town. In both the 2016 and 2020 Democratic races, Jon openly supported Senator Bernie Sanders. In 2017, he was also elected to the office of selectman in Lincolnville, Maine, which is part of the state’s executive branch.

The Mimi Fishman Foundation was founded by him as a charitable organisation to aid the visually handicapped. Because she was diagnosed with glaucoma, he decided to give the organisation his mother’s name.

To sum up, it is clear that we have talked about Jon Fishman Net Worth. The American drummer and musician has made his wealth through various sources. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website

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