Jon Hamm Wedding: Finally He Tied the Knot With Her Dream Girl!

Jon Hamm, a famous actor, has finally married his dream girl, ending the long wait for the wedding. Hamm and the woman he loves said their vows in front of many famous people at a happy wedding. This sealed their love and started a new chapter in their lives together.

Jon Hamm’s Wedding With Anna Osceola

Jon Hamm finally got married, and he did it with a former “Mad Men” co-star. There were also a lot of other references to the show that made him famous.

On Saturday(24 June 2023), the actor married Anna Osceola after two years of romance and an engagement last year. They had previously met while filming “Mad Men” in 2015 and supposedly got back together after Jon ended his relationship with longtime partner Jennifer Westfeldt.

A tweet from @people further verifies the wedding news.

The wedding ceremony itself was amazing. In a way, Jon and Anna’s wedding was held on the beach, as it took place in the picturesque Anderson Canyon in Big Sur.

Fans of “Mad Men” will recognize the significance of the Big Sur setting: it was there that Don Draper found himself again, and the closing shot reveals Jon’s character discovering the inspiration for the classic “Hilltop” Coke ad from the 1970s.

Jon Hamm Wedding

A nice touch, to be sure, but the guest list really drove home the “Mad Men” nostalgia. John Slattery was there to express his support for his former co-star, and there may have been a few “Mad Men”-inspired drinks floating about. Those young men sure did drink a lot.

Other celebrities there included Paul Rudd, Tina Fey, and the freshly married Billy Crudup. They had a James Bond theme playing as they walked out: the music from “You Only Live Twice.” Every single thing here was a throwback to the ’60s.

The bride and groom both looked fantastic, by the way. Jon looked amazing in his suit, and Anna blew everyone away with her elegant gown. Everyone else was as well-dressed as they could be.

Best wishes to the newlyweds!

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