Who is Jonathan Toews Wife? Truth Revealed Here!

Jonathan Toews is regarded as one of the greatest hockey players ever. He is the current captain of the Chicago Blackhawks and has led the club to three Stanley Cup triumphs (in 2010, 2013, and 2015). When compared to most NHL captains, Toews is relatively young.

Beyond the NHL, he is well-known for leading Team Canada to victory in the 2005 World U-17 Hockey Challenge. He won the World Junior Championships in 2006 and 2007 and the Olympic titles he earned in 2010 and 2014.

Toews has been with his current girlfriend, Lindsey Vecchione, for a long time. They publicly acknowledged dating in 2014 and have been vocal about their romance ever since. Lindsey and Toews are regulars on the red carpet.

She’s also been to several of his games to cheer him on. Vecchione joined the world on August 9, 1987, in Chicago. She has made a name for herself as a model and fashion designer. She is also the owner and operator of the Art of Alchemy Salon, located in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood.

Playboy is just one of several organizations that have hired Lindsey, who has also been on the covers of other publications. Sources say that Jonathan Toews and Lindsey haven’t tied the knot yet. But they’ve been together for a long time. Details on Jonathan Toews’s girlfriend, Lindsey Vecchione, are provided below.

Who is Jonathan Toews’s Girlfriend?

Canadian professional ice hockey player and Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews is dating up-and-coming model and hairdresser, Lindsey Vecchione.

Who is Jonathan Toews Wife?

Lindsey is a Chicago native and American fashion model. She is the owner of Art of Alchemy, a salon in Chicago. Lindsey is a model, but she also runs her own business. Her business, Hair By Lindsey, consists of only her. Lindsey is a skilled hairdresser and hair colorist, a fact she has shared throughout her many social media platforms.

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