Jordan Cappuccino, 20-Year-Old Man Shot and Killed for Necklace Worth Over 7 Thousand Dollars

Police in Houston has concluded that Jordan was shot and killed early on Saturday morning after he and his friends were robbed by a group of men. Jordan Cappuccino was 20 years old when he was killed, and his parents are now asking for the public’s help in finding the people responsible for their son’s killing.

Jordan Cappuccino Death

Jordan was the last and sixth kid in his family, and he was well-liked for his generosity and good nature. Authorities said that Jordan and his friends were holding out at gunpoint in the parking lot of a nightclub when they were attacked by a group of men in a pickup truck.

jordan cappuccino death
jordan cappuccino death

“Jordan was a kind and compassionate person. He was a young man who was willing to serve anyone,” Joel Cappuccino remarked about him.  One of the suspects was allegedly observed while wearing a $7,000 gold necklace, as stated in the court papers.

“He was everything to me. His mother, Laura Cappuccino, remarked that his son “was my entire universe.” Jordan and his friends allegedly followed the suspects in their own cars and confronted them, as stated by the police.

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