Jordan Brand Has Announced a Release Date Status for Luka Doncic’s Signature Shoe

“I can tell you this, they’re in the works with Jordan on an official signature shoe. It’s on its way. Stay tuned. Luka has earned it”, Dallas Mavericks GM Nico Harrison said during the exclusive 1-on-1 interview when asked about why Luka Doncic had to wait so long for a signature shoe.

Despite the fact that Zion Williamson was drafted a year later, Jordan Brand decided to release a shoe for him before Doncic.

Signature Shoe Release Date

The first batch of Jordan Luka 1s will be released on June 30, 2022, it will be the first of many releases throughout the year, as Jordan Brand formally announced on Monday.

SneakerNews stated in a publication that “While a signature shoe was pretty much expected as part of the 2019 endorsement deal, we can confirm that a number of colorways of the Jordan Luka 1 signature shoe are confirmed to release in 2022, with specific colorways and tentative release dates laid out below .”

Jordan Luka 1
Jordan Luka 1

“Based on information shared with us, the Luka 1 could possibly have an alternate name – the Sly Fox. However, it seems more than likely that Jordan Brand will stick to the simple name and number format due to the recognition behind Luka’s name.”

“While we do not have any photos to share, we do know that full family sizes are confirmed for some of the colorways – most of which encompass Mavs colors, basic black/red combinations, and a few other energetic styles.”

Ultimately, after three All-Star appearances, two All NBA First Team selections with a third possibly on the way, and two epic playoff battles with the Los Angeles Clippers, Doncic will receive the supreme acknowledgment, that a shoe brand can actually give an athlete. For Mavericks fans, it’s better late than never.

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