Who Is Josh Allen’s Girlfriend…What She Does?

Most NFL fans agree that Josh Allen and Brittany Williams are a dream pair. Williams has been Allen’s biggest fan at Buffalo Bills games for nearly five years, until the team’s Divisional Round playoff defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals in January 2023.

However, Williams unexpectedly stopped following Allen on Instagram in April 2023, leading to speculation that the longtime pair may have split up. Allen and Williams met at age eight and have been friends ever since.

Williams and Allen had been friends for a long time, maybe since they were little. They went to the same high school together. Williams said she had had a love for Allen since they were in elementary school together, and she feels fortunate and appreciative that her childhood buddy is now her boyfriend.

After high school, both Allen and Williams had their pick of universities, but Allen went to Wyoming while Williams cheered for Fresno State. Throughout high school, Josh gave equal attention to playing football, basketball, and baseball.

He also pitched in at his parent’s farm and helped at his mom’s restaurant in Firebaugh. Even though football was his life, it wasn’t all he did. When the time came to apply for a sports scholarship, no schools showed any interest in him because of this.

Even though Fresno didn’t recruit him, and they couldn’t attend the same institution, the Bills have significantly benefited from his Quarterback performance, making them genuine contenders for the 2018 Super Bowl.

Who is Josh Allen’s Partner?

Brittany Williams, a Pilates teacher, was a cheerleader and a student at Fresno State. She attended Firebaugh High School and was born in California on April 26, 1996. Later in life, she completed her high school education at Clovis North.

Josh Allen's Girlfriend

She studied agricultural business at Fresno State of California State University. In high school, she was a dancer, cheerleader, and member of the Dolce Dance Studio. She was active in Kappa Kappa Gamma as well.

Her ascent to prominence as an influencer may be primarily attributed to her fitness-related material. Her fashion and food blogs have gained her a large internet following.

Her parents, Chris Williams and Megan Williams are both educators who have worked for the Paso Robles Unified School District. Her dad was a star linebacker for Fresno State in 1994, and the Bulldogs made him honorary captain this year.

She has the credentials to lead Pilates sessions. Her Pilates Instagram channel is called “Pilates by Britt,” It features a wide range of moves for working on specific muscle groups. She is well-versed in both Mat and Reformer Pilates and teaches both. She poses for fashion brands’ advertisements on Instagram to boost their popularity.

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