Josh Flagg And Bobby Divorce: Extremely Uncomfortable Reunion With Ex-Husband Bobby Boyd

American real estate agent, TV personality, author, and writer to various trade periodicals and news sites, Joshua Daniel Flagg (born August 20, 1985).

For those who don’t know, he was one of the first cast members of the Bravo television series Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. The series follows a group of young Los Angeles real estate agents as they work to sell luxury properties.

Flagg has been named one of the top 25 real estate agents in the country and one of the top agents in California by both The Wall Street Journal and The Hollywood Reporter.

Josh Flagg And Bobby Divorce

The MDLLA agent disclosed that he and his ex-husband are working together to sell a $15 million home, and Tracy Tutor provided her thoughts on why this is a bad idea.

The remarkable “turnkey” listing that Josh Flagg had for $15 million was discussed on the February 2 edition of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles with Tracy Tutor. But there was a “caveat,” he said: “It’s co-listed with my soon-to-be ex-husband.”

Josh Flagg And Bobby Divorce
Josh Flagg And Bobby Divorce

“Bobby [Boyd] used to work for Josh Flagg Estates,” Flagg said in an interview. Then we got divorced, and this Birchwood listing is just another piece of property that we’ll have to divide.

Our thoughts were exactly expressed when Tracy questioned, “How the hell did that happen?” Moreover, he continued, “I have sold multiple homes for the owner of this land. I put Bobby up for those transactions. My customer is a really great guy, but he won’t sign off on the trade until Bobby is included.

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Josh Flagg Extremely Uncomfortable Reunion With Ex-Husband Bobby Boyd

Neither Josh Flagg nor Bobby Boyd is the most amiable of ex-lovers. E! News has an exclusive first peek at the upcoming episode of the Bravo series, and it has the Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star and his estranged husband meeting for the first time since they left the home they previously shared.

Both agents are going through a divorce, but a home they advertised together has brought them back together.

In the preview, Josh explains: “Since I left, the only times I’ve seen Bobby is at the lawyers’ office (not fun) and when I had to go through our home and divide up our possessions (also not fun).

Do you think it would be a good idea if I had an open house with Bobby? Although the merchant does not require our presence, we feel obligated to attend.” Cold greetings exchanged, Bobby “sweats” his way into the climate-controlled wine area. Josh says cynically, “This is not awkward.”

Josh Flagg Teases What Next For Him And His Boyfriend Andrew Beyer

On January 3, the Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles agent posted on Instagram to reminisce on 2022 and preview this year, especially his friendship with Andrew Beyer.

Josh’s slideshow of him and Andrew was set to OneRepublic’s “I Lived.” They kiss and stroll the red carpet in one photo. The tribute also revealed their romantic Paris vacation.

Josh Flagg Teases What Next For Him And His Boyfriend Andrew Beyer
Josh Flagg Teases What Next For Him And His Boyfriend Andrew Beyer

“Thankful for an amazing 2022 with my buddy in crime,” Josh wrote on Instagram. “Excited for 2023 memories.”

After splitting from Bobby Boyd last May, Josh has posted numerous poignant posts since dating Andrew. “Bobby and I are divorcing,” Josh said in March. This may seem sudden, but I wanted to be upfront rather than bury the headline.”

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