Jeffrey Dahmer’s Mother Joyce Dahmer Died Of Breast Cancer At The Age Of 64

Netflix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has rekindled viewers’ fascination with the Milwaukee serial killer and his family. His father, Lionel, is still alive, but his mother, Joyce, passed away in the year 2000.

Joyce and Lionel, the parents of the Milwaukee Monster, were married for 19 years before filing for divorce in 1978. Two sons, Jeffrey and David, were born to them during their marriage. When Lionel and Joyce divorced, Joyce relocated to Fresno, California, while Lionel remarried.

They learned, along with the rest of the world, that their eldest son was a serial killer following his arrest in 1991. Over the years following their son’s arrest, Dahmer’s parents have discussed his upbringing and crimes.

Joyce Dahmer Cause of Death

According to an article from the Los Angeles Times Archive, Joyce (last known as Flint) passed away from breast cancer in November of 2000. According to the report, Joyce was born on February 7, 1936, in Columbus, Wisconsin.

The mother of two has a master’s degree in psychology. According to Find a Grave, the “Rocky” mother of the Milwaukee serial killer passed away on November 27. Until her death, she worked in central California as an AIDS caretaker. Joyce’s role as a case manager for the Central Valley AIDS Team is mentioned on the site. She also established an HIV support group in Fresno called “The Living Room” in 1996.

joyce dahmer death cause
joyce dahmer death cause

“Everybody loved her. She would do anything for her clients and for anybody really. She was just this wonderful person,” Julio Mastro, the Living Room’s executive director said. United Press International claimed in 1994 that Dahmer’s mother Joyce had attempted suicide in their Fresno, California home.

The paramedics took her to Valley Medical Center in Fresno after discovering her face down in her kitchen with the gas oven on and the door open. Joyce described Dahmer as “a completely normal young boy” and a “wonderful young man” in an interview.

According to a Deseret News report from 1993, Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother told the newspaper, “I wake up every morning and for a split second I don’t know I’m Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother, and then it all floods in.”

Joyce had previously expressed interest in communicating with the loved ones of criminals, according to a 1994 interview published in The Sun. She figured they would have a lot in common, such as coping with loss and guilt.

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