Justin Bieber Stands by Frank Ocean After the Coachella Backlash

Musicians practice for months to perform at North America’s largest music event. This year, the event will end with a performance by Frank Ocean and his band. The song they settled on was Aaliyah’s “At Your Best (You Are Love).” The performance tanked when a bunch of individuals caused a battery by wandering around the stage.

On Sunday, April 16, 2023, Justin Bieber spoke out over Frank Ocean’s controversial performance at Coachella. Ocean’s lack of practice during the previous six years left their fans feeling let down. Before the COVID-19 epidemic, they gave their last performance.

Justin Bieber Stands by Frank Ocean

In a series of tweets, pop star Justin Bieber showed his support for the group by sharing a photo with a big backdrop and the message:

“I was blown away by Frank Oceans Coachella’s performance. His artistry is simply unmatched, his style, his taste, his voice, his attention to detail… I was deeply moved.”

The success of Osceola, he continued, should serve as an example to everyone-

“It made me want to keep going and get better as an artist. He continues to set the bar high and gave me a night I will never forget! Thanks, Frank.”

The battery of skaters surrounding them from all sides was the driving force behind their huge performance. They were abruptly canceled on a Sunday, so there was no time for rehearsal. The reason the producers picked them to call is a mystery to everyone.

If you are curious to know about the information about your favorite celebrity read below:

The Festive Owl wrote: “Frank decided at the last minute that he no longer wanted it at all. The people walking around him at the start of the performance were ice skaters who had been practicing for weeks and were supposed to be skating as part of the production.”

According to online sources, the band’s set at the event had to be changed at the last minute because of an ankle injury Ocean had during on-site rehearsals the week before.

Because his injury!es were so severe, doctors recommended that he get plenty of rest. The performance as a whole was improvised, therefore the fact that they were not notified in advance may have contributed to the poor turnout. If you want to be kept in the loop, you may follow us on Twitter.

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