Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress Season 2: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, – What We Know So Far 

Are you eagerly waiting to binge-watch Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Season 2? It is an original dark fantasy and award-winning anime series by Wit Studio, popularly known for its work on Attack on Titan. It was directed by Tetsuro Araki and written by Ichiro Okouchi. As per the sources, Netflix can again pair up with Kabaneri productions to bring out its second season. The first season of the series was aired on April 8, 2016, and won the Newtype Anime Awards for being the Best TV Anime. 

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Season 2 Release Date

A few years have passed, and there is no official statement by the production team. It makes the prediction a bit complicated for the audience. However, the continuity of the show depends on the sources and material. Besides, it is one of the original anime series, and in the absence of any official announcement, it isn’t easy to contemplate the situation. But as per the sources, the audience might hear the good news by the end of 2020 or later.  

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Season 2 Cast

  • Robbie Daymond playing the role of Ikoma 
  • Ben Diskin playing the role of Takumi 
  • Richard Epcar – Additional Voices 
  • Doug Erholtz – Additional Voice
  • Kyle Hebert playing the role of Kibito 
  • Tom Gibis playing the role of Sukari 
  • Janice Kawaye playing the role of Mumei 
  • Jamieson Price playing the role of Kurusu 
  • Colleen O’Shaughnessey playing the role of Kajika 
  • Kieth Silverstein – Additional Voices 
  • Spike Spencer – Additional Voices 
  • Veronica Taylor – Ayame 
  • Roger Craig Smith playing the role of Biba 
  • Abby Trott playing the role of Yukina 
  • Elijah Ungvary playing the role of Suzuki 

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Season 2 Plot

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Season 2 has a conspiring plot, is set in the immediate aftermath that says a lot about the industrial revolution in Japan. The show begins when a mysterious and deadly virus across the world turns the people affected into aggressive beings, which are not dead but called Kabane. These kinds of creatures can not be defeated unless their hearts are pierced. 

People living in Japan try to protect themselves from Kabane and travel between the stations being fully armored. As the city falls, the young engineer named Ikoma utilizes the opportunity to test the weapon he created to kill the Kabane. His weapons turn out to be a huge success, while he gets infected during the attack. The exciting parts come here; instead of turning into a Kabane, he defeats the virus and turns into a half-human and half Kabane, called Kabaneri. Mumei is another Kabaneri; both work together and fight the Kabane to save humanity from getting eradicated. 

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Season 2  Trailer

There is no information revealed regarding Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Season 2. Hence, there is no trailer released.

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress Season 2
Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress Season 2

Essential Characters of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Season 2 

  • Ikoma

Ikoma is the lead character of the season, a young engineer who works at a steam smith for a living. He creates a weapon that kills the Kabane. When the Aragane Station gets attacked by Kabane, he tests his weapon to be a success. However, he gets affected and becomes a hybrid, half-human and half Kabane, called Kabaneri. Besides, he also became immune to Kabane bites and gunfire. Other than that, he needs blood to stop himself from attacking humans. 

  • Mumei

Mumei is the main female lead who appears when Aragane Station gets under attack. He was born as a human named Hozumi but objected to an experiment that later turned into a Kabaneri. She is powerful, fights like an agile fighter, and can kill as many as Kabaneri. Moving on, she started feeling for Ikoma. 


After all these assumptions, we are looking forward to Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Season 2. Stay tuned and follow us for the latest updates!

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