Kaiju No 8 is Getting an Anime Adaptation (Latest News)

Toho Animation has announced that it will adapt Kaiju No. 8 into an anime series. Anime fans can get a taste of what the show will look and feel like in a teaser trailer. Furthermore, a new official website and English Twitter account have been set up for the anime adaptation. Toho Animation has not confirmed its involvement as the project’s animation studio.

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Kaiju No 8 is Getting an Anime Adaptation

Known as Monster #8 in Japan, Kaiju No 8 is a popular Japanese science-fiction kaiju manga series. For Kafka Hibino, the story revolves around his aspirations to join the Third Division of Japan’s military. Kafka is determined to join the Third Division with the help of one of his childhood friends after gaining the ability to shape-shift into a Kaiju.

Kaiju No 8
Kaiju No 8

There is no actual anime footage in the teaser trailer. A collection of black and white photos and animations of Tokyo’s streets, with audio hints of a Kaiju attack, is what you’ll find. Before the screen goes black, the final few seconds of the video show some smoke and a creature off in the distance.

In July of 2020, the Shonen Jump + app offered a free download of the manga series. As of this writing, there are seven volumes of Kaiju No 8 in print. It is written by Naoya Matsumoto, a long-time contributor to Shonen Jump who has had several of his works serialized there since 2009.

You can read Kaiju No 8 for free on Shonen Jump + in Japan. Viz Media will handle the English release.

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