Fans of ‘Big Bang Theory’ Are Shocked After Kaley Cuoco Loses Her Cool on TikTok

It is becoming increasingly customary for public figures in this day and age of social media to let their fans catch a glimpse into their private lives behind the scenes. Kaley Cuoco, who stars in The Flight Attendant, is not an exception, and her cast and crew have also participated in the shenanigans.

The actress from “The Big Bang Theory” was getting ready for a red carpet event earlier this month, on June 14, and her close friend and well-known fashion stylist Brad Goreski took a few videos for her to share on TikTok.

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Kaley Cuoco Loses Her Cool on TikTok

Although it appeared at first that Kaley did not appreciate making fun of her in front of all his social media followers, but she ultimately started engaging in banter with him. In point of fact, when Brad submitted a second TikTok video a short while later, the star of 8 Simple Rules began tormenting him in the same manner that he had harassed her.

“Shut up, Brad!” she jokingly said in the clip. “Brad, who do you think you are?” Kaley’s friend/celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg chimed in.

Kaley Cuoco Loses Cool TikTok
Kaley Cuoco Loses Cool TikTok

The jokes that were being made by the stylist’s friend prompted him to respond in kind by mimicking Kaley, which only served to make the situation even more hilarious. He questioned with a smirk, “Oh, how do I get the product out of my hair?” “This is such a puzzling question. I’m not sure, but how about you take a shower, Kaley?”

The hilarious antics that emerge as a result of Brad and Kaley’s friendship have us in fits of uncontrollable laughter. “Why don’t you go on an adventure? Get out. Get yourself to Runyon!” In response to Jamie’s remark regarding Brad’s playful banter, Brad said, “Jamie, I solemnly vow to God.”


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People who watched the fictitious dispute later appreciated it just as much as those who watched the video and laughed uncontrollably at the antics of the three participants in the argument. “EVERYONE needs a Jamie. ,” one fan commented on Brad’s TikTok. “I’m gonna yell ‘GO TO RUNYON’ when I’m fed up now,” another replied. “This is my favorite celebrity friendship,” one more responded.

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