A Look Back at Karlie Redd Before Plastic Surgery Pics: She Dismissed the Rumors

The speculation about Karlie Redd’s alleged cosmetic surgery began on April 17th, 2019. The star’s followers have gushed about her newfound beauty after her plastic surgery. Read on for more information on this topic.

A picture of this rapper from 2015 has been uploaded on Twitter by someone using the handle @RookieBowHunts, and from what I can tell, the picture tells the whole story. Her appearance has changed—an admiring remark about her face.

“She utterly destroyed herself,” the user said. Some of her followers shared the sentiment that she was considering plastic surgery. In response to a tweet about a black American lady who looked like a blueprint after plastic surgery, another user exclaimed, “This is really incredible.”

If you’re anything like me, you’ve wondered, “What the hell happened to all the women who were born lovely and perfectly proportioned?”

Redd spent her childhood in New York and Trinidad but returned to the Big Apple when she was 12. She booked 40 gigs as a model before she turned 16. She attended the American Film Institute and the Los Angeles Film School, where she earned degrees in both directing and producing.

Karlie Redd Plastic Surgery Rumors

Karlie did not waste any time once the tweets containing remarks hit her inbox. In response to a question, she remarked, “Let’s keep it real. I got lip injections, and Tim always gets on me, like, ‘Stop doing the lip injections or whatever.’ So, I’m going to stop because everyone is always talking s**t about my face.” 

“I’m done because people are always making fun of my face,” she finally said. “That’s all I’ve got on my face,” Redd said. She continued, “That’s all I got on my face. I have not had surgery, but I always make Tim do my makeup with my eyes slanted. […] That is my thing; make my eyes catty.” Rumors said that she went under rhinoplasty, but she denied it.

Karlie Redd Before Plastic Surgery Pics

She said, “And if you look at my daughter’s nose, you’ll see that straight noses run in my family.” Tim said, “No nose job.” She also refuted rumors that she had cosmetic surgery to make her nose more aesthetically pleasing. She did the correct thing since the air wasn’t cleaned of the words until she didn’t address them.

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A YouTube commenter was like, “Girlfriend certainly got her face done… The strange aspect is the denial, not the actual problem. It’s as though you’ve committed a crime! This is your cash! Since you seem to be enjoying yourself, that’s all that really matters.”

Despite the widespread self-loathing among cheerleaders, one supportive admirer told Karlie, “Karlie, you’re lovely without all that,” while another remarked of her, “She’s still wonderful, but it’s awful what society has done to make us pursue young.” It’s quite acceptable to age gracefully. SMH.”

In the words of a devoted follower: “Karlie, you’re lovely without all that.” Redd debuted in the music industry with “Black Spring Break2” in 2001. Her breakout role on the VH1 spinoff “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” is mainly responsible for her newfound notoriety.

She made her big screen debut in Chris Rock’s “Top Five” in 2014. In 2017, she also appeared in “We Are Family.” Jasmine, her daughter, made her acting debut in “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Kaylie’s youth is a factor in the controversy she faced in 2012. She’s 45 now, just like she claimed she was.

“Let’s talk makeup. Let’s talk real s**t. You know, because everybody’s talking s**t about my face,” Karlie said in a video. I hope you were able to get some insight from the video. She sets the record straight on the surgical rumors. Follow our Twitter to get updates and announcements.

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