Kate Purported Best Friend And Prince William Suspected Mistress Spent Valentine Day Together

Prince William allegedly spent this year’s Valentine’s Day with a lover who is also a friend of his wife, Kate Middleton.

Some British media publications have reported that William and Kate’s marriage is on the rocks due to an additional source of tension.

They say he celebrated Valentine’s Day with Kate’s pal Rose Hanbury. They went out for a nice supper together and were seen to be very much in the mood for romance. It was reported by the Daily Mail a few weeks prior that Kate was overheard saying she does not expect William to give her flowers on Valentine’s Day as it is not traditional for them anymore.

The story begins in the middle of 2019, when photos of William and Hanbury, who had previously been Kate’s best friend, were published online. Their intimate proximity in the pictures, including a kiss, led others to speculate that they were having an open affair.

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Kate Purported Best Friend And Prince William Suspected Mistress Spent Valentine Day Together

The British Royal Family has been in the headlines constantly over the past few months, with the passing of Elizabeth II, the accession of Charles, and the release of the biggest revolution, Prince Harry’s book.

Recently, numerous rumors have pointed to a crisis in the relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton. The heir to the throne is reported by English media outlets to have spent Valentine’s Day with his suspected mistress, Rose Hanbury.

This woman is a recognisable face as she is close to Kate Middleton, and the British tabloids allege that the two have been seeing each other on the sly. A 2019 party photo of William and Rose is their first time in photographic evidence.

That’s why rumours spread that the prince cheated on his pregnant wife with another woman during their third trimester. This caused quite a commotion in the palace, prompting Kate to ask her husband to cut her out of his inner circle.

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