15+ Stunning Katy Perry No-Make Up Photos And Makeup Photos

Have you ever seen Katy Perry without makeup? Would you like to? Then, keep scrolling! We have brought for you the 15 most stunning Katy Perry no makeup photos.

Katheryn Elizabeth Perry aka Katy Perry is an American singer and songwriter known for giving hits like I Kissed A Girl, Teenage Dream, Dark Horse, and Prism.

She has a powerful and enigmatic presence on stage as she performs. Her voice will captivate you for sure. But, do you know her beautiful looks are equally captivating? And no, makeup has no role in it. Sure, she has given the world many different and some of the most amazing makeup looks, Katy Perry’s beauty is not dependent upon makeup. She looks stunning even with a bare face. Don’t believe us? Look for yourself!

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In this article, we have covered the 15 most stunning Katy Perry no makeup photos. We have also covered some of the best looks of Katy Perry, her favorite beauty products.

Let’s begin!

15 Top Katy Perry No-Makeup Photos

1. Morning Surprise

Katy parry Morning pic
Katy parry Morning pic

This was the first time that the world saw Katy without any makeup for the first time. It was her ex-husband Russel Brand who was taking the picture of Katy as soon as she woke up. He put this picture of Katy Perry without makeup on Twitter, but later he took it down.

2. Part Of Me Tour In 2012

Part Of Me Tour In 2012
Part Of Me Tour In 2012

It was the second time the world saw Katy Perry without make-up. Here, things were different. Katy was seen backstage on her Part of Me tour in 2012 with no makeup on. Many people fell in love with her glowing face and radiant smile because they were so happy to see them.

3. Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty

The Katy Perry no-makeup looks became very popular immediately. The way she looked when she wasn’t on stage made everyone fall in love with her as much as when she was on stage. Without even a drop of make-up, she looks like a million bucks.

4. Take My Chapstick

Take My Chapstick
Take My Chapstick

This is how Katy Perry changed the world of pop music. Her rhythmic and often sexually suggestive songs were a big hit. “I Kissed a Girl” is one of the best-known songs. You might not have known that fans still throw cherry chapsticks at the singer when she sings this song. That cherry-colored blush on her cheeks can’t be beaten.

5. Carefree Perry

Carefree Perry
Carefree Perry

It was taken when Katy Perry and her then-boyfriend John Mayer went on a hike without any make-up. In this picture, she is taking a break from all the make-up, costumes, and lights. She was happy and carefree even though she didn’t have any makeup on her face at the time.

6. Wide Eyed Katy

Wide Eyed Katy
Wide Eyed Katy

Katy Perry sure knows how to have a good time when the paparazzi show up. This picture is one of them. They don’t mind getting a picture of Katy with no makeup on because she feels good about herself. If you look at this picture of singer Katy Perry without makeup, you can see how beautiful she is in her natural state.

7. The Family Woman

The Family Woman
The Family Woman

There is a picture of Katy Perry without make-up in which she is holding her sister’s child. Both have big blue eyes. No, I didn’t know that Katy helped deliver this baby in a friend’s living room. On top of that, this shows that Perry is more than just a pretty face.

8. In the Sweats

In the Sweats
In the Sweats

Katy Perry is the best person to look up to when it comes to wearing sweatpants with a lot of swaggers. Here is Katy Perry without makeup and with her dog, Nugget, by her side.

9. Gotcha!


Did we not tell you that Katy Perry is a good sport? Here she was once again taken by surprise. The paparazzi had caught her in the public. Getting the Katy Perry no makeup photo is worth a lot to magazines, tabloids, and blogs among others. But, all that we are concerned about is when is Katy going to drop her skincare regime. Look at that radiant glow on her face!

10. Holiday Goal

Katy Perry clicked herself spending a relaxed summer holiday on a hammock. This picture is enough to give us holiday goals. Apart from the chill vibes and her beautiful smile, we could not help but notice her makeup-free face.

11. Beach Days

With Katy’s makeup-free day on the beach in mind, how can we not talk about lazy summer days? When the singer went for a swim in the ocean, this picture of her without make-up was taken. She looks more beautiful than ever.

12. In The Studio

It was Teen Spirit, a movie with Elle Fanning and Max Minghella. Katy Perry saw a little bit of it before it came out. We also got a glimpse of Katy Perry without make-up. When she saw this movie, she thought it looked like her Part of Me film a lot. It makes her look even more beautiful because of her bright smile.

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13. Stay Home

The entire world is going through a terrible pandemic that has forced us to stay inside. Katy Perry has the same struggles as the rest of us. Staying at home makes us forget the real concept of time. The Roar hitmaker was feeling the same blues. She posted on her Instagram a picture of herself. She was in her pajamas, without makeup, eating pickles, and asking what day is it even. Relatable, much?

14. Bunny Perry

Katy is having fun even though she is locked in. She looked great when she shared this picture of Katy Perry with no makeup and a bunny suit. Mother-to-be: She looked beautiful even without any make-up on.

15. The Ultimate Glow

In this Katy Perry bare-faced photo, the singer herself posted on her Instagram account. And it was a huge hit on the internet. Katy’s exquisite beauty was on full display in the selfie, which was a close-up of her face. Katy is so lovely that she doesn’t even need to put on any makeup in this picture!

9 Best Looks Of Katy Perry (With Makeup)

We showed you how gorgeous Katy Perry looks without makeup. Now, let us show you some of her best looks over the years. It was not easy to pick just a few. But, we tried our best.

1. Met Gala, 2013

Met Gala, 2013
Met Gala, 2013

everyone who saw Katy Perry at the 2013 Met Gala was shocked by her outfit. She walked down the red carpet in a Dolce & Gabbana dress that everyone talked about. She wore a golden crown on her head to go with it. She looked like the queen she is.

2. Braided Wonder

Katy Perry
Katy Perry

Long hair in a blonde shade? Braided. This is what happens when the highlight is popped, This is one of the best looks Katy Perry has ever had. Because of her double boxer braids, pop-up highlight, and a pierced nose, she has a mysterious look that we fell in love with right away.

3. The Denim Moment

It is hard to forget Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake from 2001 when they wore jeans and t-shirts. When Katy Perry wore a denim dress to the 2014 VMAs, it brought back old memories. She looked like Britney Spears when she wore the same dress. Versace made her a piece and she wore it with a big, bold choker that was made of metal. It wasn’t just her clothes that caught our eye.

4. The Bubbly Girl

Katy Perry has had a variety of style moments that are inspired by punk rock to the pin-up models of the 1940s. After channeling a punk look for quite some time, we saw Perry again in her fun and bubbly avatar. And look at that amazing Katy Perry eye makeup. The bubblegum pink shadow beautifully matches her lipstick.

5. Purple Goddess

Katy has never been afraid to try new things with her hair and style. When she is a brunette, you can’t tell that she was born blonde. Because her hair is styled with the old Hollywood glam, we think this is a great look for her.

6. Rocker Chic

Katy can look good in any outfit. Here, she gives us some ideas for how to look like a rock star with messy waves, bold eyeliner, and a golden metallic choker to finish the look off.

7. Dark Fantasy

Like Katy Perry, go for the dark side and do not be afraid. When we see her dark lipstick, we want to be like her for the rest of our lives. This is one of the best Katy Perry’s make-up looks because of the dark plum color, her ear cuffs, and her wind-blown bun.

8. Never Worn White

When we talk about the best looks Katy Perry has ever had, we can’t forget about her famous white dress. She looked like an angel in this white dress. Her music video for Never Worn White used this look. At the end of the music video for “Baby One More Time,” Katy announced that she was pregnant in this beautiful white dress and was cradling her baby bump.

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9. The Era of Daisies

Love Katy Perry’s new look? We can’t get enough of this new style. It’s been a big hit with her new song, Daisies, and so is her beauty look. She is having her first child with Orlando Bloom. This is how Katy has looked with her pregnancy glow.

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