Kelly Oubre Wife: Examining the Nba Star’s New Spouse

On July 9, Kelly Oubre Jr., a top player for the Charlotte Hornets, married Shylynnitaa, his longtime fiancée. The elegant St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort in Puerto Rico served as the venue for the wedding.

Oubre said that because his wife Shylynnitaa’s family is from Puerto Rico, it was the perfect place for their wedding.

The pair began dating in 2020 after connecting through mutual friends. Soon after, their relationship became serious. In December 2020, Oubre proposed to Shylynnitaa. She gave birth to their first child, a girl named Malibu, in July 2021.

Kelly Oubre Wife

Kelly Oubre Wife
Kelly Oubre Wife

Shylynnitaa, the spouse of Kelly Oubre Jr., is a model on Instagram. Apart from being a singer, she has put out the tracks “Princess,” “Huracan,” “Boss B**ch,” and “Plugged In.” Early in 2019, Robbonation Music Group launched her tunes.

They are accessible on many platforms, including Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music. Additionally, Shylynnitaa launched a range of cosmetic goods in June under the name “Shhy Cosmetic.” Plant-derived components are the basis of the products, which primarily target hair, skin, and body.

Shylynnitaa hasn’t shared a lot of details regarding her private life. On Instagram, she has roughly 80,000 followers. She hasn’t disclosed any details about her upbringing, family history, or life before dating NBA player Kelly Oubre Jr. See the Instagram post for more details:

Kelly Oubre Jr. Thinks Marrying Shylynnitaa Was Proper

Kelly Oubre Jr. discussed his marriage to Shylynnitaa in a People interview. He expressed his belief that it was a suitable move for their relationship. The star of the Charlotte Hornets said:

“We wanted to take the next steps and give our love to God, for his seal of approval. We know that it’s a rarity in our generation for relationships to get that far, and we also made a pact to break a curse that has been in both of our families for lifetimes, we just were ready to be together forever and what better way to do that than to tie the knot.”

Only two years into their partnership, Oubre and his girlfriend have made significant progress. It’s evident that the couple has a great bond and appears to be quite happy together.

In preparation for his ninth NBA season, Oubre will be hoping that a stabilized personal life helps him adopt a positive outlook. Despite being one of the greatest role models in the industry, he hasn’t yet seen substantial success on his own or with others.

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Kelly Oubre Dating History

Kelly Oubre Jr., an NBA player, has only been in two relationships that the public is aware of during his ascent to fame and fortune. He is wed to Shylynnitaa, and together they have two lovely kids, TsuSÍn and Malibu.

Despite their brief courtship before marriage, the pair have shown their love for one another on several occasions subsequently.

In 2019, the Philadelphia 76er and American model and fashion influencer Jasmine Sanders briefly dated, but their relationship ended in less than a year. Kelly Oubre Jr. chose to marry Shylynnitaa in 2022 after they started dating.

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