Kengan Omega Chapter 152 Release Date Status and Spoilers!

Kengan Omega, Sandrovich Yabago’s violent martial arts manga series, returns this week with Chapter 152, and fans are curious about what the wicked ancient Chinese underground society known as The Worm is up to.

In the upcoming Kengan Omega chapter, more members of The Worm and the Anti-Worm Alliance are anticipated to face off in epic battles, indicating that the conflict between the two organizations is heating up.

Below is all the information you need to know about the upcoming chapter.

Kengan Omega Chapter 152: The Dragon and The Rat

Anti-Worm Alliance was established in the previous chapter of Kengan Omega after the terrorist acts of the wicked organization. Xiao Yan, Head of the Worm, and Xia Ji were also featured in the chapter.

In Chapter 152, Shen Wulong, known as “The Connector” will be presented, and it’s likely that they’ll make some huge moves.

The Dragon and the Rat is the title of Kengan Omega Chapter 152, which has been released. Xia Ji, “The Connector” and Xia Yan are shown in the previous chapter, with Xia Ji looking afraid.

Yan’s rod has been confiscated by Wulong, who claims Yan can use his instead. Shen asks Ji what he’s doing in Japan, and Ji replies in English. Shen then asks Ji to speak in Japanese so that he may practice his rusty language skills.

Once he answers no, Shen begins to inquire about weight loss, if his food isn’t agreeing with him, or whether the water is to blame for his lack of catches.

Initially, Ji is relieved because he believes that Shen does not intend to kill him, but then he sees a horrible scenario in which he appears to have been slashed all over his body.

Ji believes that Shen is not as enraged as he thinks, but he sees himself as little in comparison.

In an effort to get rid of Ji, Shen goes so far that he doesn’t want him around any longer. Shen pleads Yan to forgive Ji, and Yan informs Ji that they won’t allow him to abandon his obligations, so he instructs him to instigate trouble in the Kengan Association.

He only tells them to kill a few members because he knows he won’t be able to destroy all of them.

Kengan Omega Chapter 152
Kengan Omega Chapter 152

As Yan explains to Ji that they’ve formed a “bullshit team” Ji looks enraged. His brother, Ji, informs him that he shouldn’t be speaking to him in this manner.

According to Yan, he had no idea Ji had such strong feelings for his family. It’ll be the last time Yan gets on his bad side, and Ji vows to bring the Kengan Association to its knees.

If Xi breaks out, Yan tells Ogi and Tenjin to murder him, and they agree to keep a close eye on his brother. The concern Shen expresses is unfounded, and Yan assures him of his certainty.

According to Yan, The Worm, in its current state, can be destroyed at any time.

Shen had inquired about Ogi and Tenjin’s well-being. Shen fears that Ji will end up killing them both. Despite this, Shen claims that it’s only a possibility and that Ji could die at any moment.

A “Dragon that should’ve been born a rat” describes Ji as he runs, looking nervous.

Toyoda Idemitsu, Purgatory’s representative, is sunbathing on the beach with three Purgatory colleagues nearby. Upon the arrival of Narushima Koga, Idemitsu informs them that the girls are enamored with their company.

Despite his claims to the contrary, Koga believes that a little fun won’t do any harm. Koga thanks Idemitsu for letting him stay at the hotel, but the Purgatory executive says there’s no need to thank him because he’s one of the company’s most profitable workers.

Koga vs. Agito is likely to be the focus of the upcoming chapter, but we may also see Xia Ji (and probably other members of The Worm) making moves against the Kengan Association.

When Will the New Chapter of Kengan Omega Be Released?

Because Kengan Omega is published on a weekly schedule, the English translation of Chapter 152 should be available on March 30, 2022, at approximately 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Considering Kengan Omega Chapter 151 arrived at the same time last week, readers might anticipate that Chapter 152 will follow the same line.

Where Can I Read Kengan Omega Chapter 152?

In Japan, the Ura Sunday magazine runs a serialized version of Kengan Omega. Chapter 152 of Kengan Omega is now available in North America through Kodansha Comics and Amazon Kindle. The current chapter is also available on ComicKey.

Many anime/manga websites, subreddits, and YouTube videos provide raw scans of the Kengan Omega manga.

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