Kenneth Mcgriff Net Worth In 2023: Why Does He Plotted The Murder Of 50 Cent?

Kenneth Mcgriff Net Worth: As you all know Kenneth Mcgriff is amongst the richest drug traders in America and has earned a massive net worth. In addition to this he is also a convicted gangster from New York City.

He shot to prominence in 1981 when he established an organization named The Supreme Team whose main objective was to distribute and manufacture cocaine. In this article we will discuss everything we know about Kenneth Mcgriff Net Worth.

Kenneth Mcgriff Net Worth

In addition to being one of the wealthiest drug lords, Kenneth McGriff is also one of the most well-known.  We calculated that Kenneth McGriff has a net worth of $5,000,000 based on data from Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Some events have affected his Kenneth Mcgriff net worth. In 1994, after McGriff’s parole release, he tried his hand at filmmaking by enlisting Irv Gotti’s assistance in making a film adaptation of the Kenyatta series novel Crime Partners.

Nonetheless, because of McGriff’s notoriety, the FBI began to probe the company’s close ties to Murder Inc., which eventually led to a raid of the company’s offices in early 2003 and the accusations of drug trafficking against Kenneth McGriff and the indictment of Murder Inc. on charges of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

McGriff is accused of involvement in the 2002 murder of Run DMC member Jam Master Jay, and he was convicted of ordering the 2001 murder of rapper Eric “E Moneybags” Smith in retaliation for the shooting of McGriff’s associate Colbert “Black Just” Johnson.

kenneth mcgriff net worth
kenneth mcgriff net worth

Kenneth Mcgriff Planned To Kill 50 Cent

In newly released law enforcement documents, it is revealed that federal investigators suspected that crack kingpin Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff and employees of rap label Murder Inc. plotted to assassinate rapper 50 Cent in retaliation for Cent’s song detailing McGriff’s criminal past.

The records show that authorities looked into whether the death of Run Jam D.M.C.’s Master Jay in 2002 was related to his defiance of an unspoken blacklist of 50 Cent in the recording industry. You can also read Bad Bunny Net Worth.

The defence attorney for Murder Inc. founder Irving “Irv Gotti” Lorenzo, who is accused in a racketeering case of using his top charting label to launder more than $1 million of McGriff’s drug money, detailed the allegations in a previously sealed search warrant affidavit included in a routine motion filed last week.

Francis Mace Believes That The Shooting Was A Revenge

In the 2003 document, filed under an application to search Murder Inc.’s Manhattan offices, criminal investigator Francis Mace writes that they believed the May 2000 shooting of 50 Cent was revenge for the song “Ghetto Koran,” which recounts some of the histories of McGriff’s reign as head of one of the city’s most violent drug crews. You can also check Elizabeth Smart Net Worth.

After 50 Cent survived a shooting in 2000, McGriff reportedly tried again in 2002. Investigators believe Murder Inc. employees were involved. Jam Master Jay, whose real name was Jason Mizell, was killed, and the FBI and local police were investigating possible ties to the feud between McGriff and 50 Cent.

The DJ was shot in his recording studio in Queens, and the case hasn’t been solved yet. Agents “are still trying to determine if Mizell’s homicide has any connection to the ongoing dispute between McGriff and 50 Cent,” Mace wrote. You can also go through John Alite Net Worth.

Agents are looking into the possibility that Mizell was killed because he disobeyed 50 Cent’s blacklist. There was no response to the document from the Brooklyn U.S. attorney’s office, which is in charge of the investigation.

Robert Simels, a former lawyer for McGriff who declined to continue representing him in this matter, said he was familiar with the document and that it was “much ado about nothing.”  According to him, the affidavit’s allegations vanished from subsequent government filings, so he concluded that the government itself no longer believed them.

Both McGriff’s current trial lawyer and Lorenzo’s lawyer did not immediately respond to requests for comment left on their voicemails. Mace claimed that McGriff and others at Murder Inc. were still plotting to kill 50 Cent, based on text messages McGriff allegedly received from associates who were following the rapper.

Christopher, Lorenzo’s older brother, sent a message saying that 50 Cent had been spotted on Guy R. Brewer Boulevard in Queens, the neighbourhood where McGriff, Lorenzo, and the rapper all grew up. You can also go through Sergey Lavrov Net Worth.

However, Gerald Shargel, Christopher Lorenzo’s defence attorney, said that his client would have been charged with murder if there was evidence that he had been part of a plot to kill 50 Cent.  In the indictment against McGriff and Murder Inc., Christopher Lorenzo is only named in relation to the money laundering charges.

After allegations surfaced in court documents that label executives were laundering drug money from McGriff, Murder Inc. changed its name to The Inc. last year to try to improve the label’s public perception.

To sum up, it is clear that we have talked about Kenneth Mcgriff Net Worth. He has amassed a substantial fortune by 2023, as measured by his recent net worth. However his convictions due to murder charges  may have a significant impact on his wealth. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website

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