Kevin Bacon Daughter: Share The Screen With Daughter Sosie In Electric Super Bowl Commercial

Actor Kevin Norwood Bacon was born in the United States on July 8, 1958. Bacon has won a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for his leading man and character performances. According to The Guardian, he is one of the best performers who has never been nominated for an Academy Award.

Footloose (1984) was Bacon’s breakout role after his debut in National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978). (1984). Diner (1982), JFK (1991), A Few Good Men (1992), Apollo 13 (1995), Mystic River (2003), and Frost/Nixon (2005) are just a few of the critically praised films in which he has featured since then (2008).

Kevin Bacon Daughter

Kevin Bacon Daughter
Kevin Bacon Daughter

When osie Bacon posted a comment on Instagram referencing the “nepo baby” controversy, she opened the floodgates for backlash from her fan base. Star, daughter of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, intended to poke fun at the topic of nepotism in Hollywood, but ended up starting a heated debate on her social media.

Sosie showed off a fictitious family tree that included her parents and ultimately ended in her own hands. A remark that said, “Appeared in her father’s movie, Loverboy, and her mother’s TV show, The Closer,” was posted next to it.

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Kevin Bacon Shares The Screen With Daughter Sosie In Electric Super Bowl Commercial

The video has the actor, 64, and his daughter, Sosie, 30, promoting Hyundai’s latest car, the IONIQ 6 electric vehicle.

Bacon is shown in the commercial picking up Sosie from her place. She’s shocked to find that he’s “going EV” when she sees him pull up. On the way to school, she makes fun of her father for his lack of technological knowledge. “The man who is locked out of his email from the inside is going EV,” she says wryly.

Bacon tells her, “Actually it’s an ev, rhymes with Kev,” despite not realising that the proper pronunciation of “electric vehicle” is just “E-V.” His daughter seemed to have gotten over his antics, so he proceeds to brag about the car’s capabilities to her. As he does so, he says, “Okay watch this, blue or red.”

He then switches between two different coloured ambient lights found within the vehicle. “Flashing red and blue lights! If you’d like, I can also set it to play ambient noises like rain or the ocean “after Sosie’s instruction, he continues, Allow me to take the wheel for a while.

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