Kevin Jonas on shocking ‘Claim to Fame’ Disqualification: I thought, ‘It’s all over’

Being related to a famous person has to have its perks. One “Claim to Fame” contestant could win $100,000 because of it.

ABC’s new game show, which airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT/PDT, has 12 contestants who are related to famous people, such as Zendaya and Chuck Norris, “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg, and Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles. Even the mansion in Los Angeles has a famous connection: Katy Perry used to live there.

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Kevin Jonas on Shocking ‘Claim to Fame’ Disqualification

The show is a lot like “Big Brother” on CBS, but it also has some of the mystery of “The Masked Singer.” Each contestant tries to outsmart the others and find out their secret celebrity connections while keeping their own secret. They also can’t use their phones or the internet, which makes things even harder.

Kevin Jonas and his brother Frankie Jonas both host “Claim to Fame.”

Kevin, who is 34, says, “The whole house was art-directed.” “Every statue and little thing could be a piece of information about someone else.”

The people who win challenges get immunity and more clues. Losers can be chosen as guessers who try to name a famous family member of a roommate. If they make the right guess, they stay. If not, they have to go home. With $100,000 on the line for the winner, Kevin says, “There’s a lot of telling stories, lying, and being dishonest, but it’s done in a fun, comfortable way.”

Kevin Jonas on shocking 'Claim to Fame' Disqualification
Kevin Jonas on shocking ‘Claim to Fame’ Disqualification

In 2006, Kevin and his two younger brothers, Joe and Nick, put out their first Jonas Brothers album. Frankie, who is 21, says he doesn’t miss the band, which got back together in 2019: “I saw day in, and day out, so I was like, ‘I do not want to do what you guys are doing. That is not my thing.'” And that lack of a professional relationship makes Kevin and Frankie so excited to work together on “Claim to Fame.”

“I would prefer to work with him over anyone else in my family, anytime,” Kevin says. “I get to work with my other brothers every day so that dynamic is set in stone at this point. Working with Frankie was new, and it was fresh, and it was wonderful because we hadn’t worked together since we were very much younger, and Frankie was in (the 2010 Disney Channel movie) ‘Camp Rock 2’ with me.”

Frankie is famous on his own, with nearly 2 million followers on TikTok. He knows what it’s like to be related to a famous person.

“My role in this show was really to relate to (the contestants) in a way that potentially even Kevin couldn’t,” he says.

If you look at the 12 contestants on “Claim to Fame,” you might be able to figure out who some of their famous relatives are. The person who was kicked out of the competition and some of the other contestants’ connections were shown on Monday’s first episode.

The hosts also didn’t know anything about the cast members’ families.

“There were some that should have been obvious to us that were not, and then there were some that were like, ‘Oh, this person is that,'” Kevin says. “And then we were so wrong. That’s why this show is really interesting for people to watch at home because there is a play-along factor that will be very fun.”

Kevin says their brother Nick, with whom he stayed while filming “Claim to Fame” last spring, likes the show.

“I would come home from set every night, and it was super late most of the nights, and they were still up, and he’d be like, ‘All right, so tell me what happened now,'” Kevin says. “They wanted the updates on who was who and who got eliminated.”

Just as Pepper was about to guess how Maxwell was related to a celebrity, the “Claim to Fame” director cut in and pulled the hosts off camera. Kevin told the other people in the house that Maxwell had brought a phone in, which was caught on camera. So Maxwell, who is the grandson of actor Chuck Norris, was kicked out of the competition.

Maxwell said on the show, “If the phone hadn’t been seen, I would have been happy tonight.” “I did something wrong.”

Kevin says he found out about the cheating at the ceremony in the evening and that it “threw us all for a loop.”

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