Kindred Season 2 Release Date: How Many Seasons Of Kindred Are there?

Kindred Season 2 release date: The FX mystery thriller Kindred premiered on Hulu on the thirteenth, and it has been well welcomed by audiences thus far. The first eight episodes of the series adapted from a novel by Octavia E. Butler aired in 2017.

In Kindred, a young writer named Dana moves to Los Angeles but is stuck in a time loop that forces her to visit a 19th-century California plantation with familial roots. In this article, we talk about Kindred Season 2 Release Date.

A lot of questions remained after the first season ended on a cliffhanger. Some viewers may be beginning to become nervous about whether or not the show will return for a new season. Find out all you need to know about Kindred Season 2 right now. Let’s dig deep into the Kindred Season 2 Release Date.


Kindred Season 2 Release Date

Kindred Season 2 Release Date
Kindred Season 2 Release Date


So, what is Kindred Season 2 Release Date? Kindred, an FX mystery thriller, debuted on Hulu on the 13th and has received positive reviews. This eight-part 2017 series was based on Octavia E. Butler’s novel of the same name.

Dana, a young writer, realizes that she is trapped in a time loop that keeps transporting her back to the same 19th-century California plantation where her family previously resided.

Many questions remained unresolved at the end of the first season. Many fans are now waiting for word on whether the program will be renewed for a fourth season. Learn all you need to know about Kindred’s forthcoming second season right here.

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Kindred Season 1 recap

Kindred Season 2 Release Date
Kindred Season 2 Release Date

As Dana tried to make sense of her time-traveling talents, her mother’s determination to leave the past, and her profound love for Rufus, her inner anguish was on full display. She was sent to the 18th century each time Rufus seemed to be in danger of losing his knife. She was brought back to the present by the same thing that had endangered her.

Time traveler Kevin and Tom, the show’s protagonist and the owner of the farm and home she kept returning to, had an argument. This made it more difficult for Kevin and Dana to reconnect with the current day after losing touch. After Tom angrily attacked her for taking his books and accused him of being illiterate, Dana returned to 2016 without Kevin out of fear for her safety.

She knew she would eventually go back to the world she had been absent from for almost a decade because her mother Olivia was clinging to her. Because he will be stuck in the nineteenth century until Dana returns, Kevin will age rapidly in comparison to modern standards of living. That being the case, he may not even recognize himself when she comes back.

Dana’s main goal was to track out her mom and persuade her to come back to Earth. She has only known Kevin for a short period of time, but now she has gone across time to bring him back to his own planet.

Will Kindred Get a Season 2?

All you Octavia Butler lovers, step it up! After being overlooked for decades, this fantastic science fiction writer is finally making an impact on the big screen. Kindred has been picked up by FX, and the network is also adapting Fledgling, Wild Seed, and Dawn (with Parable of the Sower in production at A24 for the writer’s big-screen debut).

In Butler’s fourth and most well-known novel, Kindred, a Black woman named Dana is thrust back in time to the antebellum plantation where her family was slaves. Dana’s stints at the plantation get longer and more dangerous as she is constantly ping-ponged between the past and the present, forcing her to confront the harsh legacy of slavery, misogynoir, and white supremacy.

(Kindred is ranked #5 on Esquire’s list of the 50 finest science fiction books of all time.) The FX adaptation, which is accessible in its entirety on Hulu, is just what the world needs right now: more of Butler’s prophetic insight.

When Will Season 2 of Kindred Premiere?

Kindred, a new mystery thriller from FX, had its Hulu debut on the thirteenth, and the show’s original idea has garnered a lot of attention. The novel by Octavia E. Butler the same name inspired this 2017 eight-part series. The plot of Kindred centers on a young writer called Dana who relocates to Los Angeles but finds herself trapped in a time loop that sends her back to the same California plantation from the 19th century.

There were a lot of loose ends and questions at the conclusion of the first season. The renewal of the program for a fourth season is now awaited by many. Everything you need to know about the second season of the critically acclaimed CW drama Kindred can be found in this article. The pilot episode of Kindred was picked up by FX in March of 2021, and the first eight episodes of the series were ordered in January 2022. FX president Nick Grad told Variety at the time, “We can’t wait to begin production with this exceptionally brilliant and dedicated bunch.”

Kindred Season 2 Plot


During the series’ development, Jacobs-Jenkins reportedly went into Butler’s personal files and early draughts of her manuscripts and the author herself told him that she “never cracked” Kindred. What she couldn’t say may be lovely to contemplate, I thought. Can this repair be done in stages, given that there is more room to do so?
The showrunner has stated her intention to divide the book into three or four parts, with the upcoming second season focusing on the book’s last chapter (“The Fight“). Kevin’s chronology advances by five years as a result of Dana’s absence of eight days in the current world in 1815.

When Rufus tells Dana she has to alert Kevin of her return to the plantation, Dana believes he means she needs to write to him, so she goes looking for him even though he has long since departed Maryland for a location farther north. She had given up and quit after realizing there was no way she could achieve her goals. Kevin, in contrast to Rufus, is sent by Rufus’s father to the farm to meet Dana.

Kindred Season 2 Cast

Some of the original cast members may return for season two, but due to the show’s many time jumps, most of the performers will be brand new. In the show, Micah Stock portrays the role of Kevin Franklin. Thomas Weylin is portrayed by Ryan Kwanten, Margaret Weylin by Gayle Rankin, and Luke by Austin Smith. David Alexander Kaplan portrays Rufus Weylin. Sarah is played by Sophina Brown, Olivia by Sheria Irving, Alice by Abigail Shannon, Carrie by Lindsey Blackwell, Nigel by Christopher Farrar, and Denis by Eisa Davis.

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What Could Happen in Kindred Season 2?

For those who haven’t read the book, the cliffhanger at the end of Season 1 of Kindred is terrible. Dana is in a state of fear in modern-day Los Angeles since she has no clue how to go to her lover Kevin, who is stuck in 1860s Maryland.

In preparation for her aunt’s arrival, Dana decides to go through the family Bible, which holds details about their ancestors. From the Bible, Dana finds out that her ancestor, Alice Greenwood, would have a child with Rufus Weylin, the young man who keeps bringing her back in time to save his life.
As bookers know, the story continues with Dana meeting an adult Rufus on her next rescue operation and Kevin adjusting to his new life in the past. It’s possible that Tom Weylin won’t be able to remain calm on the journey to Baltimore with his family, and that Dana’s mother’s appearance in modern-day New York might have far-reaching consequences.

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