Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Date Status And Trailer

Welcome back fam! Today we are here with good news for you all the fans of kingdom hearts.  The fourth season of kingdom hearts has finally been confirmed by the Square Enix.  The developer of this game has also released the official trailer to create hype among the players. Square Enix had shared about this game in a is the event of the occasion of the 20th anniversary. This announcement has opposed the previous commitment of the publisher which shared that Kingdom hearts 3 was the last part of this famous action Game series. The third season of Kingdom Hearts was released in 2019.

The title of this game series was initially released in 2005 it has been almost a decade since its initial release. After that square Equinox had promised some spin-off version of the Kingdom Hearts series in 2020. Later on, only one version was released with the name of kingdom hearts melody of memory. Now all the players have something more to look forward to. Square Enix has shared on their official Twitter account that they have just shared the fourth season of kingdom hearts and the missing link of this game series.

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‘Kingdom Hearts 4’  Release Date

Kingdom Hearts 4
Kingdom Hearts 4

As per the latest report, the official release date of the fourth season of Kingdom Hearts has not yet been confirmed. As we are sure that the game is still under development and would be with us very soon. Some of the critics have estimated the release date of the game. Square Enix followers the same timeline for the release of all the seasons. Since the developers took some time before the release of the third season. All the critics are also claiming that the 4th season would be released in 2024 or 2025. 

Other than the release date Square Enix still hasn’t been confirmed on which platform this game would be released. Even though this is a matter some of the fans believe that the developers will release the new game on the PlayStation 5, Xbox series, and Xbox series x. Meanwhile, even the square in next shared that the third season was the final season new season was made and is going to be released release soon on the platform.

‘Kingdom Hearts 4’ Trailer

The trailer for this new game has already been released by Kingdom hearts IV. The makers have revealed the modern-day setup of this game. It was seen that the protagonist of this game Sora is in the trailer. This famous character has received a visual update which made him look like a kid who had already hit puberty. In this video, Sora looks like one of the characters from ‘Devil May Cry’. However, all the gamers mentioned that this look of Sora looks a bit different from the usual style that has been used by the Square Enix in various Kingdom hearts titles.

So if you haven’t watched the trailer yet then you need to watch it now to know what the interesting thing this upcoming game beholds.  In 2020 Square Enix had already shared about the arrival of the 4th part of this game. Along with that the blockchain transition of this game was also confirmed by Square-Enix.

Do share your views with us regarding this upcoming game and let us know in the comments below. Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and characters.

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