Kingdom Season 3 – What to expect 

Kingdom – the South Korean zombie series was first aired on Netflix in January 2019 and instantly resonated with the audience. Season 2 which premiered around March 2020 was based on a deadly plague engulfing the entire world. As the world was already battling the pandemic, the story seemed familiar to the audience and instantly became a hit. 


Kingdom Season 2

The season 2 story revolves around Crown Prince of Joseon, Lee Chang who is desperately searching for the source of the zombie outbreak. Queen Consort Cho brings the father of the crown prince back to life using a special resurrection plant. Unfortunately, the plant contains a deadly parasite responsible for a swiftly spreading plague. The Queen gives birth to the heir to the crown, who merely survives after being bitten by the zombie. Subsequently, Season 2 is fast-forwarded seven years to reveal more things. The Prince sets off on a mission to find out the source of the plague only to find a woman who has been hatching a conspiracy to keep the zombies alive. The expedition also reveals that the Chinese may be responsible for the deadly parasite to spread the plague and overthrow the king. The finale gets even better with the Crown Prince faking his death. 

Kingdom Season 3 renewal

Netflix has not given any confirmation about renewing Season 3. Considering that the first two seasons took considerable time to produce, and hence Netflix hasn’t officially renewed Season 3 yet. Covid-19 pandemic already brought everything to a halt in 2020 causing major delays in shooting and production. Despite the challenges, the South Korean show has been very famous and we might expect a couple of new episodes to be released soon. 

Kingdom Season 3 Release Date Info

If the shooting has already been started, the latest season might release around late 2021. Although Netflix has been very mute about the dates, new episodes might release in late 2021 or even early 2022. Figuring out the exact release date is very tough, but Netflix has hinted about a special event episode which raises the hope that Season 3 is on the way soon. 

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Kingdom Season 3 Story Details

The previous seasons mostly revolved around the zombie plague, its effects, and the constant search to find out the source behind it. It seems like Season 3 might finally explain the WHY behind the outbreak. In Season 2 the Crown Prince has already caught hold of a woman named Ashin who has been mysteriously keeping the zombies alive. This raises a few eyebrows about who this woman really is, where does she come from and, what are her intentions. We are expecting that Season 3 would focus more on Ashin, her origin, and her motivations behind spreading the zombie outbreak. We are hoping that the Crown Prince would succeed in neutralizing Ashin thereby stopping the zombie outbreak and potentially providing a legitimate conclusion to the entire series. 

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