Knives Out 2: Release Date Status, Character Information, Trailer And More!

“The sequel of Rian Johnson’s world-renowned movie will be knocking at your doors soon.”

After the groundbreaking success of Knives Out in 2019, Rian Johnson, the producer of the film had announced the sequel, Knives Out 2, in January 2020. 

Knives Out is a crime mystery film that hit the screen on September 7, 2019. Directed, written, and produced by Rian Johnson, the film focuses on an investigation of a murder case by a famous detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig).

 Though Rian Johnson had a simple idea for the film, the film turned out to be great. Critics and viewers praised the film for its storyline, screenplay, and music. It got an excellent IMDB rating of 7.9 out of 10. The movie became a commercial success by generating a revenue of $311.4 million worldwide against a budget of $40 million. 

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The film has been nominated for several prestigious and managed to win Top Ten Films of the Year by the American film institute, Feature Big Budget – Comedy by Casting Society of America, and more.

Given the success, Johnson announced the sequel in 2020. He also said that he was working with Craig for the sequel.

After a year, in June 2021, Johnson revealed that the filming of the movie had begun in Greece. Several Knives Out crew members, including cinematographer Steve Yedlin, composer Nathan Johnson, and editor Bob Ducsay, returned to work on the sequel.

Well, Knives out 2 got a new home. The streaming giant Netflix has purchased the streaming rights of the movie for $469 million.

Well, here are all the updates including, the release date, trailer, cast, and more about the upcoming film.

Read till the end, so you do not miss out on any details of the upcoming film, Knives Out 2.


Knives Out 2: Release Date

Lionsgate had announced that the shooting of the movie began in June 2021 in Greece via a Twitter post. And finally, Daniel Craig has announced in January that the shooting of the film is complete, and the work of editing has begun. He also stated that the movie is likely to fall in Autumn this year.

During an interview with Variety, he said-

“We did the second one this summer, in Greece,” he told Variety. “And then we filmed studio work in Serbia. It’s in the can. Rian [Johnson] is editing now, and it’ll be out, I think, in the fall of this year.”

Knives Out 2
Knives Out 2

Knives Out 2: Cast 

The first movie was star-studded and the second one is also going to be the star-studded movie. Though the upcoming movie will have new cast members, a few of the old cast members will also be part of the movie.

And of course, Daniel Craig is back as Benoit Blanc, to investigate the new crime. The other cast members of the film include Kathryn Hahn and Kate Hudson, Dave Bautista, (Guardians of the Galaxy ), Edward Norton (Primal Fear ), Janelle Monáe (Hidden Figures),  Leslie Odom Jr. (Tony winner) Jessica Henwick(The Matrix Resurrections), and  Madelyn Cline (Outer Banks) 

Additionally, Ethan Hawke will also make an appearance in the film. However, he will just have a cameo.

Well, the roles of the characters have not been revealed yet. So, we have to wait for the movie to know the exact roles played by the above characters.

Knives Out 2: Plot 

The makers have not revealed much about the second part, Knives Out 2. The first film follows Detective Benoit Blanc who investigates the death of famous crime novel author Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer), who has a dysfunctional family.

Though police have declared the incident as suicide, Benoit Blanc had beautifully investigated the case to find out the culprit.

Well, the creators have not revealed much about the upcoming film but it is certain that Benoit Blanc will be back again to solve another twisted and tricked big crime. However, this time he will investigate in the city of Greece instead of New England unearths the deepest darkest secrets 

Knives Out 2: Trailer 

As stated above, the filming has finished, and the movie is in the editing stage. Therefore, we can expect the trailer to come this month or the next month. We will update here once the official trailer for Knives Out 2 is out.

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