Kyle Filipowski Girlfriend: Stealing the Spotlight or Sharing the Dream?

Kyle Jarred “Flip” Filipowski, born on November 7, 2003, is a rising star in American college basketball. He plays for the Duke Blue Devils in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

Kyle started playing basketball at Minisink Valley High School in Slate Hill, New York. He then attended Fordham Preparatory School and Wilbraham & Monson Academy in Massachusetts.

In 2021, Kyle was named the Gatorade Basketball Player of the Year for Massachusetts. At Duke, he continued to shine, earning the title of ACC Rookie of the Year. His impressive performances make him a player to watch.

Kyle Filipowski Girlfriend

Kyle Filipowski Girlfriend

Filipowski’s partner is Caitlin Hutchison. In April, she posted a photo on Instagram with him and wrote, “Four months since the happiest yes I’ll ever say” with a ring emoji, which suggests they are engaged.


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From social media posts, it looks like Hutchison graduated from the University of Alabama in the winter of 2018. It’s not clear when she and Filipowski started dating, but their first Instagram post together is from his senior prom. Filipowski finished high school in 2022.

Filipowski’s Family Worried About His Relationship

The Twitter world is buzzing about a clip from “The Lowe Post” with ESPN’s Zach Lowe and Jonathan Givony, where they talked about Kyle Filipowski’s personal life.

In the clip, they said Filipowski’s bad interviews and workouts made some teams worried. Givony also mentioned concerns about Filipowski’s girlfriend, Caitlin Hutchinson.

When Lowe asked for more details, Givony said Hutchinson, who is a few years older than Filipowski, was allegedly manipulating him.

Daniel Filipowski, Kyle’s oldest brother, talked about his concerns regarding Kyle’s girlfriend, a story that has been hidden for almost two years.

Since he couldn’t contact Givony directly, Daniel posted on Instagram suggesting people research Mormon brainwashing and grooming to understand the situation better. He accused Hutchinson, who is now 28, of wanting an engagement ring from Kyle when he was still in high school and she was 24.

Now, Kyle is 20 and just starting his NBA career, and his relationship with Hutchinson, who is six years older, is raising concerns. The exact time they started dating is unknown, but the age difference is concerning, especially if they started dating when Kyle was 18 and she was 24.

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Performance and Controversy Impact Kyle Filipowski’s NBA Draft Position

Kyle Filipowski’s drop in the NBA Draft was surrounded by controversy and performance problems. His family says that Hutchinson had a plan to marry Filipowski and help him become a successful NBA player. They also claim that he was brainwashed into becoming a Mormon, which makes his connection to the Utah Jazz seem strange. This might explain why he dropped in the draft.

It’s believed that the Jazz promised to draft him at 32, which made his agents pull him away from other teams. According to NBA Draft expert Jonathan Givony, Filipowski’s fall in the draft was mostly because he didn’t perform well in workouts.

Despite this, Filipowski, who averaged 16.4 points and 8.3 rebounds in his second year, didn’t have to wait long. After Jonathan Mogbo, a center from the University of San Francisco, was drafted 31st overall by the Toronto Raptors, Filipowski was quickly picked next, starting the second round.

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