Top 9+ Best Lacey Chabert Hallmark Movies

Welcome Back Fam! We are here today talking about our favorite Lacey Chamber. Well, Lacey knows how to have a good time at Christmas. If we talk about Hallmark Channel’s yearly Countdown for Christmas holiday movies, then the Party of Five actress and Mean Girls actress is one of the most popular lead characters. She has played the lead in ten Christmas films, all of which have been box office hits.

Chabert has worked as a tour guide in Rome, a news anchor,  a baker,  and a lot of other characters. But whatever the situation may be, Chabert contributes to the holiday season, and no Christmas movie fan can think of a Hallmark without her. So, we have gathered a list of your favorite Chabert Holiday films. Keep on reading further as we have listed everything for you below. 

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A Wish For Christmas

This story is the most special show by Hallmark Channel, starring actors Paul Greene and Lacey Chabert. Chabert plays the role of Sara Thomas, who would be a dedicated web designer who loves to spend some time, even while working, in the 2016 film A Wish for Christmas. In this movie, we will see that even after her boss took the credit for her idea for a Christmas proposal, she remains silent. Sara makes a wish to Santa Claus in the hopes of gaining some confidence. Her wish was granted, as with other Christmas movies, but only for 48 hours.

Sara’s new personality has a profound impact on her life. She becomes closer to Peter Williams (played by Paul Greene), the CEO/founder of her company, with whom she has never spoken before.

Sara gets everything she’s ever wanted, thanks to her confidence, which helps the company’s work projects to improve.

A Wish For Christmas
A Wish For Christmas

Family For Christmas

Family for Christmas was initially released in 2015. This movie is inspired by Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.  Hannah Dunbar  ( played by Chabert) must be a famous news anchor who must have sacrificed her relationship with Ben Matthews (played by Tyron Leitso), her college boyfriend, to pursue her career. She prioritized her career over love, which she later regrets.

Hannah wakes up after making a wish to Santa Claus and gets the hang of the life she can have if she had married Ben. Hannah is obsessed with their two daughters and falls in love with them. Will she want to return to her previous job, or will she choose to stay with Ben?

Pride, Prejudice, & Mistletoe

The Hallmark Channel frequently produces films based on Jane Austen’s novels, especially Pride &Prejudice. This movie is released in 2018. Darcy Fitzwilliam (played by Chabert) would be meeting her family for Christmas in the movie. They must be planning to host a charity event together, which brings her back into contact with a previous boyfriend, Luke Bennett (played by Brendan Penny).

Darcy was not expecting to fall in love, like in most Hallmark Channel films.  She has a successful career, but working with her family and Luke she got reminded of the most important things in life.

A Christmas Melody

The Hallmark Channel’s “A Christmas Melody” starring Brennan Elliott and Lacey Chabert.

The Hallmark Channel often premieres films with musical plotlines, such as A Christmas Melody released in 2015. The story is about Kristin Parson (played by Chabert), who would be a single mother who returns to her hometown along with her daughter Emily. Kristin was indeed getting accumulated to her new life, and Emily has picked up on her anxiety.

Emily begins to take music lessons to help herself and Danny Collier (played by Brennan Elliott), who would be her teacher persuades Emily to write music for the town’s annual Christmas variety show.

This musical show might just be the answer to Kristin’s fears. Mariah Carey makes a surprise appearance in the film.

A Christmas Melody
A Christmas Melody

The Sweetest Christmas

Chabert plays the role of Kylie Watson, who would be a chef and believed her boyfriend cum boss is planning to propose to her in this movie. This show was released in 2017. However,  she instead got a promotion, and she is surprised to learn that her restaurant’s new owner, Nick, was her previous boyfriend (played by Lea Coco).  This movie is all about how they work out together on this project

Meanwhile, Kylie would be competing in the American Competition and must be in the final round. Will Nick be able to help her win the contest as well, or will their new romance get in the way? This is a sweet romance, like most Hallmark Channel films, that makes all the fans want to fall in love as well.

Matchmaker Santa

In all the Hallmark Channel movies, Santa Claus mostly plays matchmaker. In the film Matchmaker Santa from 2012, this takes place yet again. Melanie Hogan, who would be a baker, and must be in a relationship with Justin ( played by Thad Luckinbill), a busy CEO, but he’s too busy for her as well. He’s not “the one” for her, as in many Hallmark Channel movies.

Melanie starts spending more time with Justin’s best friend, Dean than she does with Justin and his family when she plans to spend the holidays with them. Santa keeps throwing hurdles in their way to Justin’s lake house, pushing them to spend more time alone at a cozy lodge run by Florence Henderson of The Brady Bunch. Melanie and Dean are going to be in a beautiful relationship as Santa knows exactly what he’s doing.

A Royal Christmas

A Royal Christmas is a Hallmark Channel movie from 2014. This movie addresses an important issue that is rarely addressed in Hallmark Channel films. Emily Taylor (played by Chabert) is in a relationship with Leo James (played by Stephen Hagan). He’s “the one” for her, she knows. However,   must have kept a big secret from her. He actually must be the Prince Leopold of Cordinia.

Emily was shocked to get the news, but she agrees to spend the holidays with him. She gets to meet his mother, Queen Isadora (played by Jane Seymour), who didn’t like Emily. Is it possible for Emily to find a place in the royal family?

A Royal Christmas
A Royal Christmas

Christmas In Rome

In the past few years, Hallmark Channel has made it a tradition to set a holiday film in a foreign country. It’s a delightful way to introduce American viewers to other traditions of Christmas. Chabert played Angela de Luca, an American tour guide, in the 2019 film Christmas in Rome.

She agrees to be a personal tour guide for a businessman visiting Rome, Oliver Martin, after being suspended from her job.  She enlightens him on all of Rome’s unique customs, and he begins to fall in love with the city. Oliver and Angela, of course, start a new love story. 

The Christmas Waltz

In this movie, Chabert played Avery, who would be a lawyer who must be planning her Christmas wedding when her fiancé surprisingly dumped broke up with her. She had already paid for her lessons in ballroom dance for their wedding, but Roman (played by Will Kemp), her dance teacher, convinces her to continue.

During the classes, the two form a personal bond. Avery rediscovers her childhood love of dance with the help of Roman. They begin a beautiful romance together that will undoubtedly become a Hallmark Channel favorite for years to come.

Time For Us To Come Home For Christmas

The movie is unlike any other movie by Hallmark. Five guests would be invited to the same inn, incorporating romance with a sense of mystery. No one fully understands why they’ve been invited, so Sarah Thomas (played by Chabert) tries to piece together the puzzle.

Fortunately, Ben (played by Stephen Huszar), the inn’s owner, assists Sarah in finding what binds the guests together. However, Chabert considers the film to be one of his favorites because of the interesting plot.

Time For Us To Come Home For Christmas
Time For Us To Come Home For Christmas

Final Lines

Do let us know in the comments below your favorite movie of Chabert until then stay tuned with for such amazing updates about your favorite shows and characters. 

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