Lana Del Rey Weight Gain: Why Did She Troll as Worse Than 9/11?

Lana Del Rey was born on June 21, 1985. When she was in a church band, she realized she could make music. She has, however, said that her “musical experience” started at Fordham University. Lana Del Rey is one of the most popular pop artists in the United States right now.

Since ‘Video Games’ took the world by storm in 2011, she has won several awards, including “Brit Awards,” “MTV Europe Music Awards,” and six “Grammy Award” nods. But in the last few years, some of her fans have noticed that she looks different. Lana Del Rey’s fans have talked about how she has gained weight, and many have wondered what has caused this.

Learn about the shocking debate over Lana Del Rey’s weight gain, which has caused outrage and been compared to one of the saddest events in American history. In this piece, we look at the causes of cruel trolling and the disturbing connections that some online critics have made.

The Real Story Behind Lana Del Rey’s Weight Gain

Lana Del Rey’s rise to fame can be attributed in large part to the fact that she exposes as much skin as possible in her music videos. She promotes this idealized version of herself to impressionable young women. The vocalist has undergone a drastic transformation from her younger days. This is due to her gradual increase in weight.

However, keep in mind that weight increase poses serious health risks if not addressed. Lana Del Rey gained 70 pounds while recording Born to Die, her debut album, in 2011. She had gained another 20 pounds, bringing her total to 120, by the time she recorded her second album, Paradise.

The rapidity with which she put on weight made it stand out. Especially during the COVID-19 quarantine, fans may have observed a change in the singer’s weight.

Below is a picture of Lana from 2021, showing her dramatic weight gain on Twitter:

She’s suffered from fatphobia and other forms of body shaming in recent years, which is sad. Some of her supporters defended her when internet trolls mocked her for gaining weight.

Many of Del Rey’s fans expressed relief at her weight gain, saying they were worried about her health when she was so thin before. There are no definitive explanations for Lana Del Rey’s increase in weight.

Lana Del Rey Weight Gain

There have been rumors that Del Rey suffers from anorexia (also known as anorexia nervosa), however, she has never confirmed this. Without more information from Lana Del Rey, it is impossible to determine what caused her abrupt weight gain. There may be a variety of causes, but it’s vital to keep in mind that gaining weight is a common occurrence for many people.

Want to find out more interesting facts about famous people’s health? Dive into our stories, which will make you think about how their weights have changed over time:

Why Was Lana Del Rey Trolled by Her Fans?

Due to one particularly revolting post, singer Lana Del Rey’s recent weight gain has been a topic of widespread online controversy. ‘Before’ and ‘after’ images of Lana’s body with the statement “This is worse than 9/11” have been shared thousands of times on Twitter.

Even though the tweet has been deleted after receiving so many views, the responses to it are still widely available online. Naturally, this sparked a lot of talk in cyberspace.


Someone posted,  “Lana Del Rey does not owe us thinness. Just because someone was a certain size at a certain age doesn’t mean they have to maintain that size forever Bodies Change.”

 “Weight changes. And most importantly, all bodies of all shapes and sizes are s*xy, beautiful, and worthy.” 

You can read the complete statement in the tweet embedded below:

“Being a woman in the public eye is torturous because if you age/become less desirable to men people crucify you at the stake no matter what you do to prevent it,” someone wrote.

“The way boys act out when celebrities gain weight is so strange,” said another. With the release of Did You Know There’s A Tunnel under Ocean Blvd., Lana has returned with new music.

She put up a billboard near her ex-boyfriend’s hometown to draw attention to it, and now she’s back in the spotlight — which, given that she’s a woman, inevitably means that her body will once again be the subject of much discussion.

The general reaction has been outrage at the equating of Lana’s physical transformation to a terrorist attack, however, the incident does bring up the shame that is placed on women’s bodies whenever there is a transformation. just covers celebrity weight growth and loss. Join our group and get inspired by celebrities as they manage size variances, sharing jaw-dropping transformations and great success stories. Explore wellness with us!

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