Leading Conservatives Release a Paper Debunking Trump’s Electoral Claims

After the 2020 election, a group of conservatives will release a report discrediting several conspiracy theories advanced by Donald Trump and his team in an effort to persuade the ex-ardent president’s supporters to abandon their false claims of a stolen election.

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Conservatives Sent Out a Letter Refuting Trump’s Claims About the Election

Several Trump campaign conspiracy theories from the days and weeks after the 2020 election were detailed and debunked in a report that exceeded 70 pages and was released on Thursday by a group led by two former US senators, a handful of conservative-leaning judges, and former chief of staff to ex-House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Leading Conservatives Paper Debunking Trump Electoral Claims
Leading Conservatives Paper Debunking Trump Electoral Claims

The Trump campaign’s wide variety of conspiracy theories regarding Dominion voting machines were among the claims to which the group responded. One of the campaign’s attorneys famously suggested that the late socialist president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, was behind the machines’ creation with the intention of helping the Democrats.

“Claims that an election was stolen or that the outcome resulted from fraud are deadly serious and should be made only on the basis of real and powerful evidence. If the American people lose trust that our elections are free and fair, we will lose our democracy,” the group warned.

“We urge our fellow conservatives to cease obsessing over the results of the 2020 election and to focus instead on presenting candidates and ideas that offer a positive vision for overcoming our current difficulties and bringing greater peace, prosperity, and liberty to the nation,” they further added.

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