Top 10 league of legends Champions

Choosing from almost 150 League of legends Champions can be a daunting task. The freedom to choose can get overwhelming, considering the variety of strengths these champions bring to the table. A champion is any character on the map that a player can control.

Each champion has its own unique set of at least four abilities that you can easily trigger by pressing the Q, W, R and E keys. All champions will possess one superpower that makes it stronger than others, knows as an ‘ultimate’ and can only be used occasionally. Each champion is suited best for a particular region of the map – top, middle and the bottom of the jungle. 

This guide will help you figure out the top 10 League of Legends Champions you can play right away in the top lane, bottom lane, mid lane of the jungle. 

Darius – Top Lane

Darius is one of the best and powerful top lane League of Legends champions. He can destroy your complete backline with his deadly slashes from Noxian Guillotine. His robust sustain skills make him capable of inflicting great damage in team fights as well. What makes his Hand of Noxus so powerful is his capability to build tanky items like Streak’s Gage, Spirit Visage, Thornmail, Black Cleaver and Ravenous Hydra. Darius can easily overpower his opponents with his amazing stamina skills. A majority of players don’t know how to tackle his aggressive approach to making him the top lane champion’s perfect choice.   

Irelia – Top Lane 

Irelia is another top lane champion that can easily lead you to victory by obliterating the opponents. Also known as the Blade Dancer, Irelia is an indomitable assassin who can inflict heavy blows by using her blades. Her swift moves with the blade enable her to slice her way through targets and escape before even her foes react. Unlike other assassins, Irelia has high utility thanks to Flawless Duet and Vanguard’s Edge, allowing you to capitalise on reduced mobility and serious damage at the same time. Irelia may not be as mighty as Darius, but her swift movements can decimate the opponents quickly before even they can react.  

Kha’Zix – Jungle

Kha’Zix is the most popular and the solo queue pick when it comes to the jungle. He is the most popular choice in the Jungle zone, which speaks volumes about his magnificent ability to destroy his opponents. If he can make a quick early kill, he can even provide the weakest of the team a fighting chance. His evolved abilities give him an edge in adapting to even the toughest situations. The power to heal yourself and slow down your target at the same time can create great opportunities to kill. Although he lacks the same amount of utility compared to other tank junglers, his ruthless damage set can set the grounds for a grand victory for you. 

Amumu – Jungle 

Amumu toolkit is straightforward and a little weak compared to the other League champions, but that doesn’t stop him from being a solid pick for the jungle. If your playing style includes locking your enemies down and killing them in a single move, The Sad Mummy will undoubtedly provide you with a weapon that will win many wars. The best thing about Amumu is its effectiveness across all levels, making him the perfect choice for experts and amateurs alike. His ultimate Curse of the Mummy entwines all enemies, providing you ample time to inflict huge damage on your enemies easily.  Amumu’s simple yet effective kit proves very handy and provides an edge over other League champions guaranteeing your ticket to a glorious win. 

Ahri – Mid Lane 

Ahri is one of the most versatile champions of the Mid Lane with tremendous potential to kill the enemies with Charm and mobility from Spirit Rush. Her unique way of a safe playstyle makes her the numero uno choice for all play ranks. The advantage of being able to initiate fights and at the same time disengage safely with Spirit Rush is very high, especially when you are aiming to catch an enemy. This cunning fox can easily destroy the champions in team fights thanks to her Charm and the slow from Glacial Augment. Having a champion by your side who can effortlessly move across lanes to secure kills while also helping other mates who are stuck and unable to move ahead is a huge plus point. Due to the above strengths, this nine-tailed fox continues to be the best champion pick in the Mid Lane. 

Zed – Mid Lane

Zed is a ruthless and meticulous assassin and has the notorious image of being a champion with the highest ban rate. It’s not very hard to figure out why Zed is considered so notorious of all the champions. Zed has the supreme ability to wipe out an entire team within a flash and with extreme precision. This champion is very famous and outperforms most champions easily, and there are high chances if you have watched any clips of the League; you must have definitely seen Zed showing his skilful moves. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Playing Zed requires some efficient skills. Although the Master of Shadows can wipe out his opponents within a blink of an eye, it does take a fair amount of expertise to play it. After learning the intricacies of his abilities and toolkit, you will be able to wipe out your enemies in no time. 

Jinx – Bot Lane

Killing your enemies is one way to move ahead and march towards victory, but having an objective advantage is equally important to secure your win in the game. Jinx is one such champion who can help you with both approaches. His utility Switcheroo’s Gatling gun can unleash a deadly attack in the form of continuous fires piercing right through the enemies and wrecking them. Such a deadly attack can provide you with an early lead in the game. If you feel left behind the lane for a moment, Jinx can also split-pushing, forcing the opponent team to decide between a team fighting or saying goodbye to their Nexus turrets. Also, Jinx’s passive mobility bluff allows you to bypass enemy threats seamlessly.  You should definitely choose Jinx if you wish to see those turrets crumble in front of your eyes.

Kai’Sa – Bot Lane 

Kai’Sa was introduced in patch 8.5 and had been wreaking havoc since then on the enemies. Also known as the Daughter of the Void, she is a must to have a champion in your team if you want to get ahead early in the game. The utility Second Skin is very lethal in nature because it has an immobilizing effect on your enemies. Apart from immobilising your enemies, it hits the enemy with Plasma for almost four seconds, giving you the perfect opportunity to prepare for a counter-attack as well. This champion excels in one-to-one combat as well as team fights. With such a bundle of great powers, it’s hard not to have her in your team. 

Lux – Mid Lane

Lux is a mid lane champion, but that doesn’t stop her from being a great support. 

Also famously known as The Lady of Luminosity, this champion can be quite destructive for the enemies, unlike other supports. She has plenty of stuns and can defeat even the most aggressive enemies. The utility Light Binding can uproot many enemies together while Prismatic Barrier keeps her ADC from falling when things take unexpected turns and conditions become difficult. Add to these abilities Lux’s excellent scaling and intense damage, and you have the perfect combination for success. She doesn’t have any healing power, but a fierce laser attack is enough to destroy your enemies. 

Pyke – Support

Pyke is also one kind of a champion who favours proactive players and can quickly inflict huge damage to the enemies. To make it even better, Pyke awards itself bonus gold whenever he kills an enemy with the Death from Below. This allows Pyke to access his core items very swiftly, also providing his ADC increased early-game power. Having a sufficient amount of gold in the game’s initial stages can prove extremely beneficial, especially when you are playing with an AD that can require many items to shine truly. Show your hook and surprise your enemy with Phantom Undertow and finish their hopes of routing you. Pyke might seem like an elementary champion to control, but that doesn’t mean he is not effective.

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