League Of Legends Rell: All You Need to Knows About Rell

2020 has been a hectic year for the developers of League Of Legends and obviously for the fans too. Because the Riot Games introduced several new characters to the game. The latest introduction is a new champion named “Rell”, also known as “the Iron Maiden.” In the game, you will find the character riding a horse with atop her own suit of armour, carrying an enormous lance, which she uses to crush her opponents. The League Of Legends Rell resembles as a soft and the pink-haired social media star.

As per the developers, the League Of Legends Rell has a “dark past”. However, to know her completely, the fans need to wait until she’s patched into the game. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the abilities of League Of Legends Rell unveiled by the Riot.

List of the Abilities of Rell

In the latest update, the abilities of the character revolve around her steel theme. The list of her abilities includes the following.

  • Passive – Break the Mold
    • Rell attacks very slowly but temporarily steals a portion of her target’s Armor and Magic Resist to deal bonus damage based on the mount stolen. Additionally, Rell can siphon resistances from multiple different foes to grow extremely tanky.
  • Q – Shattering Strike
    • Rell stabs forward with her lance, breaking any shields and damaging all enemies hit (damage decreases after the first target).
    • If Rell has an ally bound with E – Attract and Repel, she and that ally recover health for each champion hit by this ability.
  • W1 – Ferromancy: Crash Down
    • (While mounted) Rell leaps and transforms her mount into heavy armour, gaining a huge shield that lasts until destroyed or remounting. On landing, she knocks up enemies around her. Rell can cast her E and R during the change.
  • W2 – Ferromancy: Mount Up
    • Rell rushes forward and transforms her armour into a mount, gaining a burst of movement speed. During her next attack, she charges her target to deal bonus damage and flip them over her shoulder.
  • E – Attract and Repel
    • Rell magnetically binds a piece of her armour to a target allied champion, granting them bonus Armor and Magic Resist while nearby.
    • Rell can recast this spell to break the bind and stun all enemies around and between her and her bound ally.
  • R – Magnet Storm
    • Rell erupts in magnetic fury, yanking nearby enemies towards her. She then creates a gravitational field around her, pulling nearby enemies in for a few seconds. The field doesn’t interrupt her enemies’ other actions.

When is Rell Coming to The League of Legends?

As per the sources, Rell is expected to make her debut in the game in the next patch update, which is scheduled for Wednesday, December 9.

This year, Rell will be the last biggest introduction to the game in 2020. However, if we take a look at the updates, Riot made this year, then we can definitely say that there’ll be plenty of new content coming in 2021 as well.

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