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League of legends : how and where to download ?

League of legends, a multiplayer game developed by Riot Games, is an online battle arena game for youngsters, also known as MOBA. It was officially announced to operate on the Microsoft Operating System. The game revolves around two protagonists are Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Mode, Dot A. 

General Instructions

The players are divided into two teams consisting of 5 players on each side. To begin, the team starts from the opposing end of the map, which is called Nexus. To win the round, the opposing teams must destroy another nexus. To achieve victory, one must clear three paths on the way called lanes. Throughout the way, players can gain experience and gold, which can be redeemed to buy powerful items to make a superior team.

How and where to download League of Legends?

For windows/mac

For android/ ios

How do I improve faster in League of Legends?

Make the team with expert teammates.

Try to play with experts. It will help you improve your gameplay as teammates are the crucial part of the game to make your team win. The foremost step is to find expert teammates who know how to play the League of Legends. If you truly want to improve your game, look for expert teammates.

Enhance your skills

You have to concentrate on the game objectives and participate equally in the game. Frequently people get dependent on teammates, and it will not add anything to your learnings. Try to play independently, watch tutorials available on youtube, and lastly, learn from your mistake made in the game. All these will enable you to level up your game.

Grasp about Champions

There are almost 140 champions in League of Legends. Each champion has its own uniqueness and power. You have to start memorizing champions one by one to know where and when to use champions’ ability in the game. Everyone knows it’s impossible to grasp champions at once. Try to learn slowly, and you will power up your game eventually.

Watch replays of League of Legends.

Try to watch replays of your own League of legend games. It’s an essential thing to do as it enables you to find your own pros and Cons in the game. Later on, you can work on that particular move and correct it in further games. You might have messed up the game from a spectator’s perspective, don’t spoil your mood and improve your game level.

Play with amateur

You can join any amateur league to utilize your skills and see what improvements you have made so far. Try to apply what you learned so far in the league and constantly examine yourself whether your game has leveled up or not.

Think before you execute

The most important thing is to think about your actions in the game. You might have heard the phrase’ Haste makes waste,’ don’t decide in a hurry without knowing its repercussions. Try to make quality decisions over high-risk ones.

Why is the League of Legends game so popular?

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Final Thoughts

As it has been 10 years since the League of Legend had launched, the community is growing in millions. Every game has a new start and new motivation to look for, which encourages teamwork. It has its own unique style from play style, players, environment, and situations.

Overall it’s a fun game and easy to learn. Lastly, if you’re interested in MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games, we recommend League of Legends as a comparatively easy and cost-free game.

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