Leave The World Behind Release Date Status, Plot, Cast And All We Know So Far

Leave the World Behind, an adaptation of Rumaan Alam’s bestselling novel of the same name, which was a favorite of former US President Barack Obama, will join Netflix’s growing library of star-studded films and probable Oscar contenders. In addition to Mahershala Ali and Julia Roberts, it will feature a number of other notable actors.

Sam Esmail, the man behind Mr. Robot, is the brains behind the picture. Besides directing and writing the screenplay, Esmail will also serve as the film’s director. This was a hot item in 2020 when Netflix won a bidding war over other streaming services and MGM. Executive produced by Alam, the film will be made by Red Om Films, a Roberts-affiliated company, and by Esmail and Chad Hamilton through their Esmail Corp.-owned Esmail Corp. Other details about Netflix’s Leave the World Behind are as follows:


What About the Release Date of the Movie Adaptation of Leave the World Behind?

It is not yet clear when Ali’s Blade will begin filming and how severe and demanding Disney will be, but this film should be finished before Blade begins production, whenever that may occur.

As of right now, Netflix has a lot of new television episodes and movies available, ranging from thrillers to comedies. Leave the World Behind follows in the footsteps of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Queen’s Gambit, both of which were based on novels. The movie is currently in production, but no date has been established for its release as of this writing. The film is scheduled to be released on Netflix between late 2022 and early 2023, as the cast and crew are already in the process of completing it.

Until Netflix sets a release date for Leave the World Behind, it’s safe to estimate a timeframe of late 2022 to mid-2023.

Leave The World Behind
Leave The World Behind

Leave The World Behind Movie Plot

The film will be based on Rumaan Alam’s novel of the same name, which will be published in October 2020, as noted above. Finalist for the 2020 National Book Awards and one of Barack Obama’s Summer Favorites, this book was nominated for both honors. This book has been praised as one of the best of the year by publications such as The Washington Post, NPR, Time, Esquire, and Elle.

Netflix’s Leave the World Behind has a plot synopsis:

An unexpected blackout in the city forces the owners of the vacation home, a middle-aged couple, to cancel their plans to spend time with their teenage children. It becomes impossible to find out what is going on when the internet, television, and radio are all unavailable. Families’ physical and mental health begins to deteriorate as unusual sonic booms shake the peace of the countryside and animals begin to move in strange directions. The renters are affluent and white; the owners are affluent and black. The racial and ethnic conflict distracts them from the more disturbing events that are taking place all around them.

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Leave The World Behind Cast

Mahershala Ali and Julia Roberts will lead the cast of Netflix’s Leave the World Behind. Ali will play the homeowner, while Roberts will play the mother of the family who rents the house after Denzel Washington dropped out. To date, it has been confirmed that Ethan Hawke, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Myha’la Herrold, and Charlie Evans have all joined the cast, according to Deadline.

In September 2021, Deadline reported that Ali would take Denzel Washington’s place in the movie. Hawke and Roberts will play a married couple named Amanda and Clay, and Armstrong and Evans will play their children, Archie and Rose, who are also in the movie. Ali’s character George has a daughter, and Herrold will play that daughter.

Leave The World Behind Novel

Rumaan Alam’s Leave the World Behind is a 2020 novel. Dramatic and thought-provoking, Rumaan Alam’s third book explores the interplay between parenthood, race, and class in a way that’s both fresh and familiar at the same time. Leave the World Behind examines how our closest relationships are changed and new ones are formed in times of catastrophe.

Leave the World Behind is a beautiful, sensual, exhilarating, and suspenseful thriller. Racism and class inequality are examined in a gripping tale of what the world might be like if it were to end. This book is a masterpiece. Rumaan Alam’s writing is elegant, logical, and beautiful. The characters he creates and their humanity are so well-observed by him. Leave the World Behind will try and convince you to do anything but that.


I am annoyed I wasted my time reading this book. I loathed the ending. What started as a provocative tale of race dissolved into a doomsday tale without resolution. If the author had further explored the premise set forth in the beginning chapters, this could have been an interesting dive into societal preconceptions. Instead, like a horror film where the tension ratchets but the protagonist is never vanquished, this book leaves you completely unsatisfied.

I liked it! The inner voice of the not-so-PC adults was hysterical. And my ultimate measure of a book, I looked forward to reading it every night. Not necessarily high quality literature, but a very entertaining, eye-opening, pop culture page-turner (or screen flicker in my case).


A nominee for the 2020 National Book Award for Fiction, it was also selected by Emily Temple of Literary Hub to be featured on twenty year-end lists presenting the finest novels of 2020, according to Emily Temple’s assessment.

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