Lena Dunham Marries Boyfriend Luis Felber

Lena Dunham and musician Luis Felber tied the knot, just one year after she accepted their romance publicly. A recent report of PEOPLE confirms that this couple has married this weekend. The Girls creator, 35 married a musician Felber who is also of the same age. The beloved of Felber Lena Dunham has confirmed that she has been dating the English Peruvian musician who is professionally known as Attawalpa and they made their first red carpet appearance in August while attending a screening of Zola at the London Film Festival.

Luis Felber has hinted by sharing a song called ‘This Will Be Our Year’ by the Zombies on his Instagram stories that they have been in a relationship but Lena has yet to address the wedding on Instagram. 

Journey of Their Relation

In a recent report Lena Dunham has written a song in a birthday tribute to his boyfriend Luis that “When I was three weeks old in downtown Manhattan, I had no idea that a baby was being born in England who would rocket into my life, wearing a lime green polar fleece snood and challenge so many beliefs about myself and the world with magical abandon.

Everyone who comes in contact with you- creatively, emotionally, and accidentally is somewhat lucky. But I as your beloved am the luckiest one among all because that snood is now in our shared chest of drawers. She has also stated that the warmth of your love is like the warmth of the sun and this will be our year which took a long time to come.” Happy Birthday, Lulu’s.

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She confirmed her relationship with The New York Times in March that it has been only a few months and she gushed at the time “I feel really lucky and he is the greatest person I have ever met throughout my journey”. Two months later, she gave her social media followers a small glimpse at how the musician helped change her life in finding the perfect one for her.

Lena was previously engaged in a six-year relationship with musician Jack Ansoff and later on, they split with each other in 2018. Earlier, the couple had decided to plan a family together but all remained friends and ended with a loose end after their mutual decision to break up. Later on, after the breakup, she got engaged with an unnamed man who proposed to her with the lace of a Timberland boot while they were snowed in at her parents’ apartment in London. 

Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham

She said in January 2020, we fell in love with each other and I was young at that point in time and when I look back we shared a great ride, we cared but our focus was to build our career and that was the only passion for the both of us.

She also said that the love you have for someone does not disappear because you do not have them and it does not work anymore. Later on, she admitted that it was not easy to divide her life with someone.

Now, Lena Dunham is living her life with Luis Felber and she also gave her man a sweet shout-out on Twitter before the birthday post. She said “when I feel sick, my boyfriend makes delicious pasta for me, re-watches me as much as I want, walks the dog, and makes up songs about her face.

She said she has been very happy since she met him a few years back and they will be starting a family very soon. Keep following us for more such scoops of stories. We will be back soon.

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