Lewis Hamilton Has $285 Million Net Worth In 2022 (Complete Information)

Lewis Hamilton is unquestionably one of Formula One’s most popular drivers. He’s one of the sport’s all-time greats, with multiple records and seven World Championships under his belt.

When he made his McLaren debut in 2007, he immediately made an impression. A year later, he became the first tennis player to win the World Championship, making his talent known to everyone.

In 2013, he switched to Mercedes, which was then a midfield team. In 2014, however, the team’s fortunes took a turn for the worse. The reign of Lewis Hamilton lasted from 2014 to 2020, with the exception of the 2016 season championship going to Nico Rosberg.

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After Hamilton’s record-breaking eighth title was denied to him by his fiery rival Max Verstappen the following year, his downfall seemed inevitable.

 Lewis Hamilton’s Controversies

Hamilton’s 16-year racing career has seen a fair amount of controversy, but he’s had a near-perfect record in recent years. Hamilton had no control over some of these, but others could be argued to be his fault.

For alleged tax evasion, Hamilton’s private jet came under scrutiny from the tax authorities.

There was some concern among the authorities because of his previous use of a private jet, despite him no longer having one.

In 2012, Lewis Hamilton had a difficult year. He was fed up with McLaren’s reliability issues at the end of the season, which was his final year with the team.

Disgruntled Hamilton released his teammate’s telemetry after qualifying at the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix. At Spa, Jenson Button snatched pole position with a better car setup, but it didn’t sit well with Lewis Hamilton. Rather than keeping his teammate’s information private, Lewis decided to share it with the world via social media.

Lewis has caused quite a bit of controversy on social media through his Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

 Lewis Hamilton’s lifestyle

All the glitz and glamour you could ever want in a world of fast cars and private jets. Hamilton’s lifestyle would be expected to be anything but ordinary, but he’s since moved on from those things. As a result of selling his private jet, Hamilton has become a vocal opponent of climate change and global warming.

However, he still has a nice collection of cars, including a Ferrari!

When it comes to expressing oneself, Hamilton is well-versed in the art of tattooing. Champion of 2018 sat down to explain why he had so many tattoos.

 Lewis Hamilton’s Relationships

Lewis Hamilton 's Girlfriend
Lewis Hamilton ‘s Girlfriend

The American singer Nicole Scherzinger was one of his notable lovers. Their relationship lasted more than seven years before they called it quits in 2015. A power couple in the paddock at the time, but their relationship had its share of difficulties.

Hamilton has never been married and is currently believed to be single.

Lewis Hamilton’s Family

Hamilton’s childhood was not an easy one. His parents, Anthony Hamilton and Carmen Larbalestier divorced when Lewis was just two years old, and he was raised by his grandmother.

Algarve International Circuit, Portimao, Portugal – October 25, 2020 – Formula One F1 Lewis Hamilton and his father Anthony posed for a celebratory picture after Lewis’ Mercedes won the race. Pool by Jorge Guerrero/REUTERS

Hamilton was bullied in school as a child, and he often talks about how he used karting to demonstrate his talents on the track.

Lewis was raised by his stepmother and siblings for a large portion of his adolescence. Nicolas is Hamilton’s half-brother, and Samantha and Nicola are his half-sisters.

It’s not uncommon for Nicolas Hamilton to show up at race weekends to show his support for his older sibling. Nicolas has Cerebral Palsy, a condition that impairs his ability to walk. Nicolas, on the other hand, did not let that stop him from pursuing a racing career. A specially modified car helps the British driver compete in the British Touring Car Championship.

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Lewis Hamilton’s Charitable Work And His Foundation

As well as UNICEF, Education Africa, and Save the Children have all received Hamilton’s support. To save both animals and our planet from the effects of global warming, his own choice to go vegan has made him an advocate for veganism. For his efforts to save animals, he was named PETA’s 2018 Personality of the Year.

Hamilton pledged $500,000 in aid for Australian bushfire-affected animals in January 2020.

He also runs his own non-profit. You can read more about it right here.

Lewis Hamilton: Stats And Championships

He has seven World Championships and 103 race victories to his name because he is fast and consistent. He has the most pole positions in Formula One history, 103 to Michael Schumacher’s 68, and he’s still going strong.

In his rookie season in 2007, he won four races, had six pole positions, 109 points, and was the youngest driver to lead the championship (achieved at the 2007 Spanish Grand Prix). During the 2019 season, he set a new record for the most points scored by a driver in a season with 413. In addition, with 347 points, he equaled Schumacher’s record of seven world championships.

Lewis Hamilton’s Knighthood

Lord Brabham, Sir Stirling Moss, and Sir Jackie Stewart had all been knighted before Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes driver was honored by Queen Elizabeth II on the eve of the New Year in 2021. Hamilton, on the other hand, was forced to wait another year during the pandemic before receiving the title of “Sir.”

As a result, Hamilton was knighted at Windsor Castle following the heartbreaking end of the 2021 championship title fight.

Lewis Hamilton’s Net Worth

It’s understandable that someone with Hamilton’s skill set would command a high price. In 2018, he extended his deal with the team for another two years, earning an additional $30 million in base salary and an additional $5 million in annual bonuses (according to Forbes).

As of May 2020, Forbes estimated  Lewis Hamilton’s net worth of $54 million, with $12 million of that coming from endorsements alone.

With Mercedes, the Billion Dollar Man signed a one-year deal worth $55 million in February of 2021 for the 2021 season. In addition, Hamilton signed a new two-year deal with Brackley that year, securing him a seat in Formula One until the end of 2023. Hamilton’s salary, on the other hand, reportedly dropped by $41 million.

According to the latest F1 deal, Lewis Hamilton will receive a 25 percent pay cut. His current estimated net worth is $285 million.

Lewis Hamilton’s Sponsorships

Lewis Hamilton’s fame has led to a slew of product endorsements, naturally. Tommy Hilfiger collaborated with him on a number of projects because of his interest in design.

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On December 11, 2020, the Formula One F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will take place at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Hamad I Mohammed/Pool via REUTERS shows Lewis Hamilton arriving at the Yas Marina Circuit for Mercedes as a result of his success, he has a number of high-profile endorsements including Monster Energy, Puma, Sony, MV Agusta Motorcycles, and more.

He is the face and official ambassador of the popular racing game Gran Turismo Sport, thanks to his status as F1’s most marketable driver at the moment. His endorsements will be worth $12 million in 2022.

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