Lexus Revels Concept Before its Next Month’s Actual EV Launch

Lexus, which has yet to launch an electric vehicle, is now unveiling a brand new concept which is uncertain anything like it will make it to production.

Nonetheless, the auto manufacturer further declared plans to reveal an actual electric automobile that they intend to bring to production.

Toyota was early to the hybrid game with the Prius, however, where most auto companies moved to plug-in hybrids and all-electric autos, the Japanese auto manufacturer, caught to hybrids and as an alternative bet on hydrogen for electric vehicles.

In 2018, Yoshihiro Sawa, Lexus’ CEO, stated that “all-electric vehicles are not yet ready for primetime.”

Regardless of this mentality and anti-EV language, Toyota says that it is aiming to unveil ten new BEVs worldwide by “the early 2020s.”

Lexus is anticipated to be behind some of those BEVs, and immediately, they revealed the Lexus LF-30 Electrified Concept, which they present as their vision for what electric vehicles will look like.

The Japanese auto manufacturer says that it’s outfitted with a 110 kWh battery pack capable of 500 km of range, and it could charge at a 150 kW rate.

However, the specs don’t imply much since Lexus is mostly presenting it as a design train for what their electrical automobiles may look like in the future.

They want them to appear like an insane-looking car with giant gull-wing doors.

Nevertheless, buried in its press release for the Lexus LF-30 Electrified Idea, Lexus affirmed that it “plans to uncover its first BEV in November 2019.


Margaret Peterson

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