Life After Death With Tyler Henry Season 2: Is There Going to Be a New Season?

Life After Death with Tyler Henry, the show of Ex-Hollywood medium Tyler Henry is available on Netflix. A current ranking of Netflix’s Top 10 shows demonstrates it to be a big hit among viewers. That said, does this indicate that a second season of Life After Death with Tyler Henry will be approved by Netflix?

Tyler Henry, a self-described medium and clairvoyant to celebrities like Bella Thorne and the Kardashians, is making waves on Netflix this week with a documentary series about his life. Henry has a devoted following, regardless of whether or not you believe in his ability.

With over 3 lakh people on his waiting list, the premise of his show is that he travels around America to see them all. After losing a loved one, Tyler strives to help individuals come to terms with their grief and go on with their lives.

Life After Death With Tyler Henry Season 2
Life After Death With Tyler Henry Season 2

Is There Going to Be a Season 2 of Life After Death With Tyler Henry?

We wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix renewed Life After Death based on how well it’s been doing. If Henry genuinely has a waiting list of over 300,000 individuals, it is likely to keep growing after the show has been viewed, giving him more alternatives for future episodes.

However, the show does have a number of advantages in its favor. Because Henry’s show is a reality documentary, it’s quite inexpensive to make, and Netflix doesn’t have any other shows like it.

If it continues to receive high ratings during its first few months on Netflix, Netflix is likely to extend its contract with the show. By the end of the summer, we should know the answer.

Expected Release Date for Life After Death With Tyler Henry Season 2

We can’t say for certain whether or not there will be another season because Netflix hasn’t yet canceled or renewed the show. But if Netflix orders more episodes, they will presumably be available on the service by the end of the year 2023.

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