Lincoln Lawyer Season 2: Possible Release Date Status, Cast, Plot And More

If we ever get into trouble, we want Mickey Haller from The Lincoln Lawyer to be our lawyer. Even though he may have his own demons to face, this most recent case shows that Haller is pretty damn good at his job, no matter what the consequences.

Lincoln Lawyer Season 2
Lincoln Lawyer Season 2

But will this drama continue to play out in the future? Here’s everything you need to know about how the book will be turned into a movie.

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What Will Happen In Season 2 Of The Lincoln Lawyer?

This is the big question, and the simple answer is, “It depends on the book they choose.” The Lincoln Lawyer is not like other Netflix series based on books, like Bridgerton, which is currently following the order of the books.

In fact, they skipped the first book and made a movie version of the second book in the series, which is called The Brass Verdict. Even then, there were changes. Christopher Gorham’s tech whiz and video game entrepreneur took the place of the novel’s film producer as the main suspect.

Things are just as complicated in the other five books. In one book, Haller is even arrested for a murder he didn’t do and has to prove he didn’t do it.

Others see him defend a convicted child murderer, a desperate woman whose house was taken away, and a sex worker that Haller had tried to help before.

Who Will Be In The Lincoln Lawyer season 2?

If The Lincoln Lawyer comes back, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo will almost certainly be back as Mickey Haller, the lawyer in the show.

Lincoln Lawyer Season 2
Lincoln Lawyer Season 2

Izzy Letts, who is also in recovery from drug use, will join him as his right-hand woman and Lincoln car driver. The other two main women in his life are his first wife Maggie McPherson, who is played by Neve Campbell, and his second wife Lorna, who is an investigator who works with him (Becki Newton).

As for the other cast members, well, some of them didn’t make it to the end of season one, either because they were arrested or because outside forces took their lives.

So there’s a lot of room for new people to join the group. Most especially, whatever the big case for season two could be.

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When Could The Second Season Of The Lincoln Lawyer Come Out?

At the moment, there have been no announcements about The Lincoln Lawyer coming back, but there’s more than enough room for it. The series is based on a collection of books by Michael Connelly, which gives the people who make it a lot to work with.

There are six books in the main Lincoln Lawyer book series, but there are also collections of short stories based on characters from the series. Netflix usually waits 28 days after a show comes out before making any kind of decision. They look at how fans react to see if it’s worth bringing back for another round.

When Can I See The Trailer For The Second Season Of The Lincoln Lawyer?

Sorry, guys, but there won’t be any new footage until we get that all-important renewal.

But if something comes up, we’ll make sure you can find out about it. but you can watch the season 1 trailer here,

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