Lindsey Granger Parents: frustrated With Joy Behar Sunny Hostin Over Republican Platform Clash

Lindsey Granger Parents: Lindsey Granger has been reporting stories all across the world and conducting interviews with influential people for nearly a decade. She is the current host of “Daily Blast Live,” a Sony Pictures and Tegna-produced syndicated chat program.

She had been a national correspondent for “The List” before joining DBL. She has also been the host of entertainment and news programs for AOL, PEOPLE, and TIME. Her news pieces have appeared on, Verizon FiOS1 News, and REVOLT TV, the music channel founded by Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Lindsey Granger Parents

Lindsey Granger Parents
Lindsey Granger Parents

In addition to being the proprietor of a production firm, American TV personality Lindsey Granger is also a producer. Her co-hosting gig on the 22nd of March, 2022, was on the nationally syndicated chat program Daily Blast Live, where she was the episode’s featured guest. Formerly, she covered the country as a reporter for The List.
As a national journalist, her previous employers include AOL, PEOPLE, and TIME. She has covered news for, REVOLT TV, and Verizon FiOS1 News. She collaborated in the making of the Sole Search web series for As an employee, she covered news for NBC. She swept the airwaves and the small screen to claim the Marilyn Fife Scholarship.

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Lindsey Granger Parents frustrated With Joy Behar Sunny Hostin Over Republican Platform Clash

On Tuesday’s edition of The View, conservative pundit Lindsey Granger returned as a guest co-host and defended her party vehemently during a heated political debate. The panel’s discussion of the extreme program laid out by the Texas G.O.P. during their convention this weekend became heated.

Whoopi Goldberg, in presenting the issue, noted that the proposed platform would declare homosexuality to be “abnormal,” claim that President Joe Biden would not be reelected in 2020, and argue against enacting gun safety regulation. Co-host Sunny Hostin, who has frequently argued that Republicans lack a clear platform since they focus on problems instead, recently made the case that the Texas G.O.P. reflected the party’s actual goals.

According to Hostin, “we now know that is basically the republican platform,” and if that’s what you support, then you vote republican. To paraphrase a popular political ad, “If you care about the Affordable Care Act, if you care about universal pre-K, if you care about cutting inflation, if you care about healthcare, eldercare, then you vote Democrat.”

Lindsey Granger Spars With Whoopi and Joy Over Covid Mandates

That the ladies of The View are not to be trifled with was a lesson Lindsey Granger had to learn the hard way. Granger and the full-time hosts of The View, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, had a heated argument on Granger’s first of two days on the show concerning COVID restrictions, mask requirements, and school closures.

Although Granger, a host on today’s episode of Daily Blast Live, and Sunny Hostin got off to a rocky start, things really heated up when the topic of discussion shifted to schools. “Perhaps Democrats used to control the story on education, but that’s no longer the case.

When we were in the midst of the epidemic, Democrats were more concerned with changing school names than sending kids back to class, but I think Republicans have taken up that responsibility “Granger said. “Exactly what is the higher priority, here? Preserving parental involvement in their children’s schooling or instructing them”

Behar said, “Wait a minute” to pause the conversation. “Do you value your health more than your education? For the time being, if you really must have one—”I believe they’re equally as significant,” Granger said. “When it came down to masks, the impacts on children were plain to see. They wore them up here [under the chin]. Students need to resume their regular academic schedule.”

Lindsey Granger Over Contentious Critical Race Theory Debate Audience Response

Daily Blast Live’s Lindsey Granger was a guest co-host on The View Wednesday (March 22), and she caused a stir with her views on critical race theory. Today, she continued to dwell on the subject even more extensively.

One of the numerous questions surrounding Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination hearing to the Supreme Court is her stance on critical race theory, which is also a divisive topic among the hosts of The View. Jackson has been asked about her position on the topic of CRT education because she serves on the school board of a Washington, D.C., school.

Co-host Sunny Hostin cut into remark, “It’s not being taught to 7-year-olds. Granger remarked, “I have a 6-month-old daughter, she needs to learn Black brilliance. We want to teach youngsters about African American heritage.” This is the kind of thing she should be exposed to more often.

Granger said on the show today that teaching “Black greatness” to Black children is more important than teaching them the “victimization of Black people.”

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