Lisa Whelchel Net Worth 2022: The Fact Of Life

Lisa Whelchel Net Worth: Ms. Lisa Whelchel Lisa Whelchel was born in Littlefield, Texas, United States, on May 29, 1963. She is Virginia “Genny” and James “Jimmy” Whelchel’s daughter. After her parents divorced in 1981, her mom eventually found love again and married Roy Coleman in 1983. She has a younger brother named James (Cody) Whelchel and a younger half-brother named Casey Coleman.

She was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and has since gone on to become an actress, singer, composer, author, and public speaker in her own country. She made her acting debut at age eight and spent the following four years touring with musical theatre productions. When she was ten years old, she made a lifelong decision to follow Christ.

She wrote to the Disney Studios when she was 12 years old, hoping to be considered for a role as a Mouseketeer on The New Mickey Mouse Club (1977). Having moved to California the following year, she debuted on syndication in 1977–1978.

Lisa Whelchel Net Worth

Lisa Whelchel Net Worth
Lisa Whelchel Net Worth

Lisa Welchel is a $3 million American actress, singer, and author. Lisa Whelchel appeared on “The New Mickey Mouse Club” and “The Facts of Life” when she was a child and teen respectively; she was a regular on “The Facts of Life” for nine years.

She also released the modern Christian CD “All Because of You,” which earned her a Grammy nomination. Later in her career, Whelchel went in the 25th season of “Survivor,” a reality TV competition series, and finished in a tie for second place.

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Early Life Of Lisa Whelchel

Lisa Whelchel was born on May 29, 1963, in Littlefield, Texas, to real estate agent mother Genny and electrician father Jimmy. Her little brother’s name is Cody.

Whelchel gained an older half-sister named Casey after her mother remarried after her parents divorced in 1981 and had another child with him. As a young man, Whelchel studied at Liberty Christian School in Argyle, Texas.

Lisa Whelchel Time On TV

Whelchel’s career began in 1977 when she was cast as a Mouseketeer on the Disney variety show The New Mickey Mouse Club. During the two years (1977-1978), she appeared in 130 episodes. A few years later, she landed the main part on the “Different Strokes” spinoff on NBC, “The Facts of Life,” and became an overnight sensation.

She appeared with such notable women as Nancy McKeon, Charlotte Rae, Kim Fields, and Mindy Cohn. For nine years, from 1984 to 1988, “The Facts of Life” was a rating smash. Whelchel was featured in each of the show’s 201 episodes, with the exception of only one.

She has also played Blair Warner in three TV movies based on the series: “The Facts of Life Goes to Paris,” “The Facts of Life Down Under,” and “The Facts of Life Reunion.” In addition to her role on “The Facts of Life,” Whelchel was a leading lady in the 1980s TV movies “Skyward,” “Twirl,” and “The Wild Women of Chastity Gulch.”

Television Career Of Lisa Whelchel

She also appeared in many episodes of “The Love Boat.” Later in her career, in 2012, Whelchel participated in “Survivor: Philippines,” the 25th season of the popular reality TV competition series.

Only she and MLB pitcher Jeff Kent’s celebrity status prevented them from becoming the only two competitors that season. Since most of the other contestants were too young to have watched the first run of “The Facts of Life,” Whelchel was able to get by without having to divulge her true identity.

They finished in a tie for second place behind winner Denise Stapley, who was beaten by Michael Skupin and another competitor. Whelchel filled in for Survivor host Jeff Probst on “The Jeff Probst Show” after the season concluded.

Lisa Whelchel Musical Life

For a short time during her rise to fame, Whelchel tried her hand at singing, releasing the contemporary Christian album “All Because of You” in 1984.


Some of the songs on it were “Just Obey,” “Good Girl,” “Cover Me, Lord,” and the title track. The CD earned Whelchel a nomination for Best Inspirational Performance at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards.

Lisa Whelchel Movie Career

There have only been a handful of films that have included Whelchel since she began performing. Both the mystery thriller “The Double McGuffin” and the drama “The Magician of Lublin” starred her in 1979.

After that, Whelchel mostly worked in television; the next time she appeared in a film was in the 1992 direct-to-video sequel “Where the Red Fern Grows: Part Two.” After another long absence, she returned to Tyler Perry’s “A Madea Christmas” comedy from 2013.

Lisa Whelchel Movie Career

In 2000, Whelchel also launched the Christian television network Momtime Ministries. Regular weekly gatherings of mothers who encourage and uplift one another are key components. Whelchel has spent years traveling the nation, sharing his message of hope at churches and conferences. She is very involved in the interfaith Women of Faith organization.

Lisa Whelchel Personal Life

Whelchel married California assistant pastor Steven Cauble in 1988. Three years after their wedding, in 2012, they decided to end their marriage and officially file for divorce. Seven years later, Whelchel tied the knot with Pete Harris, a psychologist from Tennessee.

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