Lizzo Getting Legitimately So Drunk With Adele At The Grammys

Two people that know how to party are Adele and Lizzo. On Friday, Elvis Duran invited the Special singer on his morning programme, where they discussed how they got “so intoxicated” when celebrating their new albums with Adele at the 2023 Grammys.

Seriously, I was utterly wasted.

Lizzo explained, “At this point, both herself and Adele had consumed so much alcohol that they had forgotten the various categories. When we heard that, we said, “Wait. Have they won any awards for the best new act? They would randomly shout out names, and we had no idea when to “grin, smile.”

Lizzo recalled what she felt when she heard that “About Damn Time” had won Record of the Year on Sunday night’s awards event. I had a full flask of alcohol with Adele, so when they called my name, I was pretty taken aback. Just imagine if it were an enormous one…” But I knew I had a year-end compilation all along.

Lizzo said she was utterly unprepared for the show’s premiere but realised she may win a bigger award after receiving the Best Remix trophy.

It would be best if you liked it:-

Harry Styles Takes Up The Grammy For Best Album While Beyoncé Sets A New Record For Sales

Beyhive members and those in “Harry’s House” had a memorable Grammys experience. At Sunday night’s 65th Grammy Awards, Harry Styles took home the night’s top trophy for album of the year, but Beyoncé made history by becoming the most award-winning Grammy artist of all time with four wins.

Fans were treated to many pleasant shocks on music’s biggest night, with Bonnie Raitt taking home song of the year, Lizzo receiving the record of the year, and jazz vocalist Samara Joy being named best new artist.

Read about the Grammys’ most significant moments, from the show’s opening Premiere Ceremony all the way through to the night’s big winners.

After winning the night’s most significant reward, Styles embraced the ecstatic fan who made the announcement. The British performer says, “Every artist inspired me in this category with me.” “There is no such thing as “greatest” music on evenings like these.

To put it simply, you have been incredibly generous. How wonderfully appreciative I am. This isn’t something that typically happens to people in my position.”

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