Loki Will Continue for a Second Season on Disney+

The second season is approaching to unveil all the spine-chillers left untold in season 1, as this multiverse story is confirmed for the second dose.

Disney’s Loki Tv show received confirmation for another installment. This action-adventure drama was aired on June 9, 2021, followed by 6 episodes in total. Season one ended in such a way that there is a huge demand for the story continuation. But the finale itself confirmed it’s part 2. 

Loki is based on Marvel Comics produced by Marvel Studios and is directed by Kate Herron. The fictional story serves multi-angle genres like comedy, crime, adventure, fiction, science fantasy, and much more, which uphold the attraction of the audience throughout the show. The first season was positively reviewed by the audience and received a quite good rating of 8.8 /10 on IMDb.

Since the start of the show,  there have been many speculations on the second season but it was earlier indicated that the story will proceed to another chapter. And now it is confirmed from various sources and the latest episode that Loki is in development for another season and it is going to happen in the future. For now, fans are delighted to see Loki Season 2. Season 1 ended with many cliffhangers which will be unveiled in season 2 of the show. Post-credit scenes of Loki confirmed that season two will return. Here we have compiled all the updates on Marvel studio’s superhero shows, check it out for more detail.


When will the season 2 premiere?

To be specific, as of now, there is no release date, but the show is in progress for another season as per the reports and hints by the makers. At the end of Season Two, we got the information that Loki will return in Season 2 with the stamped endnote. Variety first spotted this and stated that the show will return. In January 2021 also, Deadline shared some good news, that Loki season two is in development and the writer Michael Waldron is up to continue the second chapter in the saga. 

Loki Will Continue for a Second Season on Disney+
Loki Will Continue for a Second Season on Disney+

Now the question comes to mind, how much time does the audience have to wait for another dose of this fantasy drama. 

As per various latest reports and predictions, season two of Loki would premiere in 2023, however, it could be early or in the mid of the same year. The theory behind this speculation is that season 2 will start filming in the year 2022. Earlier the show’s season one was already halted because of the pandemic outbreak and now if everything goes on with the plan, the show will end up post-production at the end of the year. Hence the probability of getting the season in 2023 is somewhere pretty obvious. Now we have to wait for the official statement by the makers on it’s release date. We will update this space if anything comes out.

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Who will return in the next season?

TVA has finally uncovered season 6, which induced speculations on the future of the show.  Will Marvel bring back Tom Hiddleston as Loki, as the character is most loved by the audience but there is God of Mischief in the same time frame. Will we have another variant of the character? It is pretty complex to comment on this, however, we will probably witness the same cast along with Hiddleston as Loki

What could be the story of season 2?

There are a lot of predictions on this. In the season we have witnessed Sylvie has kicked off the real phase of MCU, by killing him, to the multiverse of madness teased in the title of Doctor’s Strange. We will surely get some strange and the wildest variants in the show’s second installment. 

Loki season 2 will likely present the titular hero balancing the pain of Sylvie. The season didn’t end concretely leaving the questions behind-  Why did Sylvie prune as a child and where does she go from there? Where is Loki? Why is there a single horn in her crown? Will TVA be able to perform its duties successfully? All these questions will be unanswered in season 2 of the show. 

Final Words

The fantasy drama received immense love from the audience just similar to Avengers which led this to be an epic story on Disney+. The demand for the future season is obvious and the finale episode of season 1 itself hinted towards the story continuation. So we have to wait for the release of the season to know the continuation of the fictional story of Loki and Sylvie past, present, and future.  

We will be back with more such updates, If not watched the finale season, give it a sure-shot chance… to enthrall the story. Do share your views on the show with us and Stay tuned…

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