Love ft Marriage And Divorce Season 3 Release Date Status, Plot, Cast, Trailer, And More

The wait is finally over. Love Ft Marriage & Divorce season 3 is set to return after a phenomenal success in season 2. Love ft. Marriage and Divorce is a South Korean television drama series written by Phoebe and directed by Yoo Jung Joon and Lee Seung Hoon. After announcing his retirement from the television industry, the series’ writer signed an exclusive contract with Jidam Inc. in early August 2020. Seo Hye Jin, Kim Sang-Hun, Ahn Hyung Jo, Hwangbo Sang Mi, and Park Chae Won. Here, we have compiled all the updates on the coming instalment.

The entire series is centered on the lives of three married couples in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, respectively. The three mistresses have been backstabbing since they eventually had a face-off with the woman. The first two seasons were so fascinating and full of turmoil in the married lives of all three families that viewers have been anticipating the third season with bated breath.

The first season received a 6.4 out of 10 on IMDb, and the second season received a 7.5 out of 10. The second season’s final episode received a national rating of 16.582 percent, making it the eighth highest-rated entertaining drama in Korean cable television history. Within a week of watching the first two seasons of the series, the fans’ interest went very high, Korean Drama fans started eagerly anticipating the third. Here’s everything we know about the third season of the show.

Love ft Marriage And Divorce Season 3 Release Date

Obviously, the news is in favour of the fans of this K- drama. Those who were worried about the next season now can take a sigh of relief. It was confirmed that season 3 would be there. The second season ended on August 8, 2021. If we analyze the gap between the first and second seasons, it was only about 3 months, so we believe that the official renewal statement for the third season should not take much longer.

Love ft Marriage And Divorce Season 3

The drama series’ production team hinted that “there could be an unexpected ending,” indicating that season 3 seems to be on the way. Couples’ marriages are documented in videos on the YouTube channel. Due to the production delay, the cast is prioritizing another show. By September 2021, the launch date will be announced. According to media reports, season 3 will premiere on Netflix in the summer of 2022. So yes, we have to wait for the same. In the coming days, we may also get the declaration of the release date.

Love ft Marriage And Divorce Season 3 Cast

As we know, both seasons of the show were remarkable. The performance of most of the characters has provided an additional edge to the story. So, we expect that the story will come with the original cast in the next seasons. Additionally, a new cast would also be part of season 3. 

From the last two seasons, we expect that these characters will come with these faces. Park Joo-mi would reprise as Sa Pi-young, Yu-wife, shin’s in the lead role, Lee Ga-Leong would play as Boo Hye-Kyung, Sa-husband Yeon’s Jeon Soo-kyeong as Shin Yu-shin as Lee Tae-gon, Sung Hoon as Pan Sa-Hyeon, Jeon No-min as Park Hae-Ryun, Lee Min-young as Song Won, and Song Ji-in as A Mi, Nam Ga-bin by Lim Hye-young, Moon Sung-ho as Seo Ban Bu Bae, and Seo Dong-ma as Moon Sung-ho. However, if the makers reveal the cast list, it will be updated here.

Love ft Marriage And Divorce Season 3 Plot

The previous two series served an interesting plot, which indicates that love is messy, frustrating, and insane and that every human soul seeks Love. On the other hand, the first season was not as popular, but it was among the year’s most popular Korean drama series. We witnessed Dong-Mi pleading with Pi-Young in the second season of the series to assist him in freeing A-mi, which might prove highly costly to him in the most vulnerable way. Because of his parents, Ga-Bin decides to leave Spain, but Dong-ma ends up raising him. Ji-a is on her way to Yu-residence shins at the end of the second season.

Even though Yu-shin embraces his daughter, something doesn’t seem quite right. On the other hand, Dong-mi went out of her room and enthusiastically greeted her until Ji-a identified her as “Kim Dong-mi.” Yes, Ji-a has been possessed by Mr. Shin’s spirit, and Dong-min is aware of the situation. Therefore she feels threatened. Mr. Shin appears to be seeking vengeance and revealing the cause of his untimely death. We anticipate that the third season will follow the same plot and will only receive answers to all of our concerns and uncertainties in the third season.

Love ft Marriage And Divorce Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for season 3 has not been officially released. As there are no such updates about the production, it seems like the trailer will be out after a long time. So in the meanwhile, you can enjoy some other stories. We will be back soon with more. Stay tuned.

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