Lupin’ Part 2 Trailer Sees Assane Diop On The Run

Lupin is a French secret thriller streaming TV show produced by George Kay and François Uzan that aired on Netflix. The tale highlights expert robber Assane Diop, the single son of an emigrant from Senegal who had arrived in France to explore a healthier life for his kid. 

Assange’s daddy is drafted for the robbery of a precious diamond necklace by his boss, the rich and influential Hubert Pellegrini. He swings himself in his jail cell out of confusion, giving the youthful Assane an orphan. 

Twenty-five years following, motivated by the book regarding gentleman robber Arsène Lupin his dad had provided him on his birthday, Assane places out to retaliate on the Pellegrini family, utilizing his charm and power theft, fraud, and change to reveal Hubert’s offences.

Lupin Part 2 Release Date

Lupin season 1 aired on January 8 2021, and the rest listed to be aired on June 11 2021. Netflix is publishing Lupin part 2 on Friday, June 11. 

Depending on the streamer’s formal summary, “Assane’s search for revenge upon Hubert Pelligrini has split his family to pieces. With his back to the wall, he presently has to consider an innovative plan, also if it implies placing himself in crisis.”

Lupin Part 2 Cast

The cast of Lupin part 2 is as follows:

  • Omar Sy being Assane Diop
  • Antoine Gouy will play the role of Benjamin Ferel
  • Clotilde Hesme being Juliette Pellegrini
  • Ludmilla Makowski will play the role of young Claire
  • Mamadou Haidara will act as young Assane Diop
  • Etan Simon being Raoul
  • Johann Dionnet will act as young Gabriel Dumont
  • Ludivine Sagnier being Claire
  • Shirine Boutella will perfom as Lieutenant Sofia Belkacem
  • Hervé Pierre being Hubert Pellegrini
  • Vincent Londez being Captain Romain Laugier
  • Vincent Londez being Captain Romain Laugier
  • Soufiane Guerrab will act as Youssef Guedira
  • Nicole Garcia will act as Anne Pellegrini
  • Fargass Assandé will act as Babakar
  • Léa Bonneau will play the role of young Juliette Pellegrini
  • Vincent Garanger being Gabriel Dumont

Lupin Part 2 Trailer

Lupin part 2 trailer hits off a fast recap of how part 1 finished: With Assane’s boy, Raoul, kidnapped by Pellegrini’s partner. 

But Assange’s journey to save Raoul is arduous because Pellegrini is managing with the policemen. Presently, Assane is the most desired guy in France. What now/He’ll have to leave. 

Lupin Part 2 Plot

As Sy writes in the Times biography, Lupin is more than just a candid retribution story. “The purpose of inheritance excites me,” he states in the post. “What do we learn, and what do we move on?” 

In extension to more heists, story twists, and covers, the 2nd part of Lupin will suitably delve into these more complex issues, making more parts of the past Lupin tales with Diop’s family records, which we usually get a bit of within flashbacks in every chapter. 

In the initial episode, we examine Diop at the climax of his skills, drawing off a dazzling heist. Still, by the finish of the 5th episode, his history of corruption begins to bleed into his family life, placing the people he worries regarding the most in danger. 

In a conversation with Variety, showrunner George Kay also starred the family plot’s value to the show’s broader curve, especially in the 5th episode. 

“That chapter is regarding the promises you make when you understand you’re going to become a parent and then getting another passage of it when he’s 14 years old, and how safe are they on those commitments presently?” he states. “As he’s being drawn into the system in the backstory, he’s being driven out of it in the now.”

In another conversation with Vanity Fair, Kay recommended that Part 2 involve other flashbacks to Diop’s origin as a robber. “Sincerely now, we don’t understand what occurred to him in the break within him being, like, 15 and being 40,” states Kay. “So we are sort of retrospectively training with this tremendous backstory.”


With several Lupin tales to pick from, it’s entirely reasonable that Netflix’s Lupin could reach still further behind this original tale of revenge. Kay said Vanity Fair he’s currently planning a possible 3rd season. But we will have to watch how Part 2 covers up before making sense of what the series could seem like in the next seasons.

Final Words

It is all about Lupin part 2 that everyone must know. If you have any queries, then tell us in the comments below! We will update this post when we receive some official news regarding the next season. Stay tuned with us for regular and trendy updates!

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