macOS Big Sur update causing some older MacBook Pros to get stuck on black screens

Many of us are enjoying the new features of the recent macOS Big Sur update. But for some other mac users, this update is causing problems. And owing to this problem, a few older MacBook pros are getting freeze on black screens during the installation process, with no way that users can find to fix it. The issue of the black screen during the installation appears to be the most common on late-2013 and mid-2014 models of the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Additionally, some other Macs owners have reported Big Sur installation issues, too. Some of the owners were also able to fix the black screen issues, however, but those two earlier variants of MacBook Pro (late 2013 and mid-2014) seem to be having the most severe problems for now.

The folks on MacRumors noticed the problem of frozen MacBooks. While searching for something new, a team of tech writers saw several complaints of frozen laptops in its forums, on Reddit, and Apple’s support site.

Till now, nobody knows the reason behind this problem and simple ways of fixing it, such as resetting NVRAM or booting in safe mode. Nevertheless, in worst cases accessed to fix the issues.

Possible Reason Why macOS Big Sur update causing Issues in older MacBooks

Before the official launch, macOS Big Sur update had a lot of unusual launch issues. Hence, it seems that the high demand has slowed down Apple’s servers to a crawl and it led to a widespread slowdown of latest models of macs. These are the servers only that made it impossible for the users to install the update.

If you are also planning to install the macOS Big Sur update, we would suggest you keep it on hold for a few weeks while the developers are Apple Inc fix the bugs.

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