Made in Mexico Season 2 Release Date Status Cast Plot Trailer and Many More Updates

Made in Mexico is a Mexican reality television series directed by Duncan Bridgeman. The series stars Shanik Aspe, Roby Checa, Columba Diaz, Pepe Diaz, Carlos Giron Longoria, Hanna Jaff, Kitzia Mitre, Chantal Trujillo and Liz Woodburn. The series has multiple producers and the names are Kevin Bartel, Ibis Del Mar, Cris Graves, John Ryan Guevara, Jason Hollander, and Matthew Moul. Made in Mexico is the very first Mexican series that Netflix picked up for streaming in the year 2018.

The streaming platform first soaked its toe with House of Cards in 2013 and the same became extremely popular. The fresh content has managed to attract much attention a few times later with more platforms coming together into the picture such as Facebook Watch, Amazon, and Netflix which is the biggest among them and the reason Netflix picked up the series is because of its extreme consumer base in the same place.

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The series revolves around the extraordinary social lives of Nine Mexican women and refugees making attempts to return to Mexican social life. The show gains a lot of attention for coping up with the Kardashians being equivalent to its storyline and approach.  Mexicans are noted over the world as emotional, Hot-tempered, and dramatic as well and the series just tries to reflect the same. 

The first season of the series first aired on Netflix on 28th September 2018 with a total of 8 episodes, and the series was well appreciated by many viewers and fans. Many of them are asking for the renewal of the series for the second season and we have got you covered with every latest update regarding the same, read out the full article to catch up with every information.


Made in Mexico Season 2 Release Date

The show has been severely criticized for being racist since the show covered only fair-skinned people, the critics were also not happy as approximately 50 percent of the population in Mexico who has a dark complexion and continue their lives in poor condition are left uncovered completely. Since it’s already more than three years since the release of the first season. Netflix has not made any announcement regarding the renewal of the series but we may get some positive updates if they made up their minds to renew the show considering so many requests.


Made in Mexico Season 2 Cast

As of now, there is no announcement made regarding the renewal so the cast who will be joining us is out of the question but we can expect the maximum characters to return for the second season to reprise their roles. 

  • Shanik Aspe, who is a well-known television actress and a former swimsuit model, also wishes to become a pop star someday.
  • Roby Checa, who is the brother-in-law of Kitzia, is an entertainer and always open to parties. 
  • Columba Diaz is a fashion model who just loves to party every time, she is trapped in a love triangle but at the same time she is not ready for commitments and emotional connections
  • Pepe Diaz, who is a 35-year-old man and has a very well-established business, also has an image of a playboy among people.
  • Carlos Giron Longoria is the main center that holds the whole cast together, he is a TV host, Actor, and a Model as well.
  • Hanna Jeff, who is a politician, is impassioned regarding social causes and runs the Jeff Foundation as well.
  • Kitzia Mitre is a fashion designer and also belongs to one of the well-reputed families in the Mexican social circle.
  • Chantal Trujillo is a refugee who has comeback gain to Mexico to chase the love of her life by compromising her job at Vogue 
  • Liz Woodburn, is a food blogger, one who has just a different relationship with traveling and also feels like an influencer. 

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There may be certain additions to the cast of the second season if it happens, let’s wait till the announcement for the same.

Made in Mexico Season 2 Plot

Before getting into the storyline of the second season let us take a quick recap about the events that happened in the first season. The show mainly reflects the social lives of nine individuals. The series revolves around the so-called perfect lives of the people in the top-notch elite social class of Mexico.

There are many stereotypes inclined to Mexicans and the series provides a clear knowledge about the “it” circle of Mexico and helps to break them. The viewers will be able to have a close look personally at the Mexican lives which they lead.

The first season was packed with lots of drama, emotions and the story was gripping as well.  Since the first season was all about showing the real Mexican’s lives we think there must be things that are yet left to be addressed and if Netflix announces the second season, we may think that most probably they will be continuing the story where the last season ends.

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The movie had received some negative criticism for their racism but when the question was asked to Jimenez-O’Farrill on the same he claimed that “I am 21 percent Aztec, Race is in the mind of people; it’s non-existent. It’s been proven by science, over and over again, that we’re all immigrants.

We’re all from everywhere. We all came from Africa. The color of your skin is just your phenotype. I might look Irish, but the Irish percent of my blood is like 3 percent. I’m 21 percent Mexican; I’m a Native American. I might not look the part, but when they say I look ‘too white’ that’s just racism.”

Made in Mexico Season 2 Trailer

Since there is no word heard even for filming from any of the team members, we think that we need to wait a little longer for any trailer if it happens.


It’s already over three years and yet no word for renewal. We hope Netflix decides something soon as fans are eager to know when season 2 is coming out. We will keep you updated, stay tuned.

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