Who Was Mahsa Amini, Whose Death Sparked Iran Protests?

According to people close to the family, young Iranian woman Mahsa Amini, whose death in police custody sparked demonstrations throughout the world, was a shy, reticent resident of a tiny town who never opposed the country’s clerical leadership or the Islamic dress code.

Saqez native and Kurdish city resident Amini lapsed into a coma three days after being arrested and later died in the hospital. It was the first major public demonstration of discontent in Iran since the government put down protests over gas prices in 2019, during which 1,500 people were killed.

Authorities said in a statement that Amini died of heart failure due to unknown causes, including possible previous diseases, and that they were not responsible for his death. The 22-year-family, old’s however, has denied any history of health problems.

According to two people close to Amini’s family, she avoided politics and focused on her career, two qualities that many Iranians hold in the vain belief that they will keep them out of problems under the Islamic Republic. On September 13 nevertheless, Amini and her family would pay dearly for not paying attention to the smallest of fashion details while visiting Amini’s uncle in Tehran.

Mahsa Amini Cause of Death

As soon as she left a train station that night, police were waiting for her. The morality police, whose job it is to jail those who break Iran’s traditional dress code in order to “promote virtue and prevent vice,” suddenly faced Amini. The standard unit is a van staffed by both men and women who patrol or wait in high-traffic areas for instances of inappropriate behavior or attire.

mahsa amini cause of death
mahsa amini cause of death

Her crime? Wearing tight trousers.

Amini and her brother pleaded for forgiveness, claiming they were not familiar with Tehran’s customs. They were about to abduct her, and she was pleading with her brother to stop them. In front of the Vozara morality police detention camp, her brother waited for her. However, an ambulance did eventually arrive after two hours to take her to the hospital. Amini’s loved ones tracked him down to the Kasra Medical Center.

The doctors withheld information from the family. Her CT scan wasn’t shared with her family and friends. According to the sources, her body was covered in the coroner’s office so that not even her father could see her damaged leg. Repeatedly, he begged physicians for updates on his daughter’s status. Another report added, “No one answered him.”

Mahsa’s father heard from the women who were arrested with her that Mahsa was beaten in the vehicle where they were being transported. The father was informed that his daughter had been crying and asking the cops to let her go.

“The police told the father that the cameras in the van did not function. So, the family does not know what happened inside the van and at the detention center,” said one of the sources close to the family.

“They do not believe in the video published by authorities that shows her suddenly falling at the police station. Her family believes that the video was edited.” Her plans to get married and start a family after she graduates college will be shattered in an instant. One of the sources added, “She wanted to live a normal and happy life.”

A probe into Amini’s case was reportedly requested by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. It was reported that 41 people, including police officers and members of a pro-government militia, had been killed during the demonstrations. On the other hand, Iranian human rights organizations claim a greater death toll.

Iran has accused “thugs” connected to “foreign enemies” of the disturbance, despite widespread criticism of Amini’s death. The United States and certain European countries have been accused by Tehran of trying to undermine the Islamic Republic by taking advantage of the unrest.

Amini’s death has left her family struggling to understand it, and they aren’t even involved in politics. Mahsa’s headscarf was proper, according to her mother. While everyone else at the funeral was saying “Why, why? My daughter had a proper Hijab and her coat was long and black, but I don’t know why she was arrested.” My daughter has gone missing. According to those close to the family, she often asks, “Where is my child?”

Initially, a statement from the hospital was posted on Instagram claiming she was brain dead upon arrival, but it was later deleted. The hospital reported that after resuscitation efforts were successful in restoring the patient’s heartbeat, she had been admitted to the intensive care unit.

Unfortunately, she suffered another cardiac arrest due to brain death on Friday, after 48 hours had passed. The medical staff tried everything they could, but they were unable to save her, and she passed away. According to the two people close to Amini’s family, Iranian authorities have warned them not to discuss her issue publicly. Her parents and uncle just won’t pick up the phone.

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