Will There Be A Making A Murderer Season 3? (Updates)

After Kathleen Zellner’s recent statement on the Steven Avery case, viewers of Making a Murderer are clamoring for a third season.

Brendan Dassey, Avery’s nephew, is currently serving time for the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach. However, new evidence suggests that Bobby, Brendan’s older brother, was present when the crime was committed.

As a result, Brad Dassey, Brendan’s half-brother, has spoken out against their mother Barb Tadych. Tadych cleared the family laptop of pornography before it was confiscated, he claims that his uncle Avery is ‘innocent.’  A third season would be a good idea because the public was left with some unanswered concerns after Season 2.

Making a Murderer Star Steven Avery Has Been Tested Covid Positive

Avery, who was previously exonerated, has maintained his innocence ever since and has joined forces with Zellner in demanding a new trial. Up until now, they had little success, and the best Zellner could win for her client was for the court to review the initial case.

Zellner was experimenting with evidence at the end of season two in an attempt to prove that it was planted to incriminate Avery. In the year 2021, a significant finding was made in a court file on April 13th.

In the early hours of November 5, 2005, a delivery driver claims to have seen Bobby pushing a Toyota RAV-4 (the same model as Halbach’s) onto the Avery property with an unnamed bearded man in his 50s-60s.

Is There Going to Be Making a Murderer Season 3? If Yes, When Can We Expect It?

As of right now, there is no official word from the show’s creators, Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, or from Netflix on the possibility of a third season.

However, the producers did tease fans in 2018 by saying that a third season was absolutely in the works.

The first season was released in 2015, and the second followed three years later in 2018. Season 3 of Making a Murderer might arrive as early as 2022 if the showrunners follow this pattern.

Is It True That Steven Avery’s Parents Are Not Alive?

Dolores and Allan Avery, Steven Avery’s parents, are still alive and well. Steven’s parents, both in their 80s, are ardent supporters of his battle to be cleared of all charges.

Viewers observed Avery’s parents spend all of their money on Steven’s legal bills in the first season of Making a Murderer.  Netflix disclosed in 2016 that they had sold the family business in order to help fund the legal defense of their son.

making a murderer season 3
making a murderer season 3

Despite the criticism they’ve received, they’ve stood by their son. Netflix reported in 2016 that the lawsuit has “taken an immeasurable toll” on Dolores and Allan. Season 3 of Making a Murderer, if it happens, will most certainly feature both of them.

How Did Making a Murderer Season 2 End?

Making A Murderer’s second season concludes with two major revelations from Zellner:

To prove that evidence was planted to implicate Avery, Zellner is granted permission to conduct experiments with the evidence. According to testimony from a Wisconsin State Crime Lab specialist, the gun found on Avery’s premises could not be linked to the murder of Halbach.

On Brendan Dassey’s older brother, Bobby Dassey, computer, Zellner discovers thousands of photos of pornography and violence against women. She is adamant that he is a suspect.

Season 3 of Making a Murderer Would Feature Which Actors?

It’s safe to say that the main cast of Making a Murderer will be back for season 3. The cast includes:-

Brendan Dassey

An American convicted killer from Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, Brendan Ray Dassey admitted at the age of 16 to be a participant in first-degree murder, mutilation of a corpse, and second-degree sexual assault.

Kathleen Zellner

An American lawyer, Kathleen Zellner has devoted her career to the defense of those who have been wrongfully convicted. Clients represented by Zellner include Steven Avery and Kevin Fox (who was falsely accused of murdering his daughter)

Steven Avery

Steven Allan Avery is an American convicted killer from Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, who had earlier been wrongly imprisoned for sexual assault and attempted murder in 1985.

Laura Nirider

Laura Nirider is an American lawyer and scholar who teaches at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law as an Associate Professor of Law and co-director of the Center on Wrongful Convictions.

In January 2021, Laura tweeted: “Every day, I get DMs & emails from people around the globe who have ideas about how to fight for Brendan Dassey — ideas about evidence to test, arguments to make, etc. We read them all. Five years after #MakingaMurderer, your commitment hasn’t wavered a bit. Neither has ours.”

Brendan’s older brother Bobby Dassey was a major player in season two even before Zellner discovered images of porn and brutality toward women on his hard drive. As with his parents Dolores and Allan, he’s sure to play a major role in the show’s third season.

After the recent findings, Brad Dassey and Barb Tadych could very possibly return in season 3.

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