Mama Cax Financial Legacy: Unpacking Net Worth Of The Model And Business Ventures

In honor of Black History Month in 2023, Google created a Google Doodle on February 8 that paid tribute to Mama Cax and other milestones in her life, including the day she proudly displayed her prosthetic leg on the runway. Mama Cax, an American-Haitian model and campaigner for disability rights, stood out in the modern fashion industry thanks to her prosthetic right leg.

American historian Carter G. Woodson created what was then called Negro History Week and suggested the first commemoration of Black History Month in 1926 to promote the study of black history in schools. By the time President Gerald Ford formally acknowledged Black History Month in 1976, it had grown to encompass the entire month and reached countries worldwide.

Mama Cax Net Worth

Mama Cax Net Worth

At the time of her death, she was estimated to be worth $5 million. Cax worked in the New York City mayor’s office, and during her time there she attended White House runway events. She was a JAG Models runway regular, having walked for brands like Chromat and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty as well as for Tommy Hilfiger and Sephora.

Cax showcased a Becca McCharen swimsuit at New York Fashion Week 2018. Cax also appeared on the covers of many upscale magazines and was the subject of countless television commercials.

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New Google Doodle Honors Legendary Model and Activist Mama Cax

If you haven’t already, look at the striking artwork featured on Google’s homepage to learn more about Mama Cax, a disability rights champion, and Haitian American model. Google commissioned the painting in honor of Black History Month, continuing a Doodle tradition of bringing attention to historically significant Black people who are often overlooked.

In addition to baseball great Toni Stone and video gaming pioneer Jerry Lawson, the site has been worn by a wide variety of notable figures.

Brooklyn-based artist and one-time Doodle designer Lyne Lucien(Opens in a new tab) is well-known for her lively and lively works of art, which have been featured in print, on museum walls, and even at world heritage displays in collaboration with UNESCO.

Lyne Lucien drew Mama Cax. With this work, Lucien honors a recent milestone in the progression of African-American history. Cacsmy Brutus, better known by her stage name Mama Cax, was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1989. However, she spent the majority of her childhood in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. At 14, Mama Cax received two separate cancer diagnoses that led to the amputation of her right leg.

A Haitian Model At Last Mama Cax An Icon In The Fight For Disability Rights

Bessie Coleman, Juneteenth, the NAACP’s silent protest parade, Esther Afua, and other historical personalities and events have all been depicted in previous Doodles. Cacsmy “Mama Cax” Brutus, a model born in Brooklyn but reared in Haiti, had her right leg amputated at the knee after being diagnosed with cancer at 14.

Her story was honored in a Doodle on Wednesday. From then on, she resolved to do whatever brought her the most joy. She has begun writing a lifestyle blog to discuss various topics and display her fashionable outfits, complete with prosthetic leg covers.

Cax quickly became a role model for amputees all around the world, making appearances at New York Fashion Week and the Savage X Fenty Fashion Show, two events she had previously only fantasized about.

For Black History Month, Google published a stunning portrait of Cax, and her family has expressed their gratitude for the company’s assistance with the endeavor.

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