Both Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz Responded to the Emmys Snub of This Is Us

It’s safe to say that the TV Academy’s sudden about-face on This Is Us was the most unexpected of the snubs and surprises from this week’s Emmy nominations. Even in its leaner years, Dan Fogelman’s family drama has always received at least one Primetime Emmy nomination per season.

However, not even Sterling K. Brown was able to win over the Academy for the show’s sixth and final season, which received only one nomination at all, for “Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics” at the Primetime Creative Arts Emmys.

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Mandy and Metz Responded to Emmys Snub of This Is Us

Among other things, this implies that Mandy Moore, who received only one nomination for her role as Rebecca Pearson’s mother in 2019, will never again be recognized by the Awards. Both Chrissy Metz and Mandy Moore have now spoken out about the snub; Metz on the subject of Mandy Moore being, you know, absolutely robbed; Moore on the problem of being thrilled for the show’s music team and unhappy for her many other co-workers who weren’t honored.

THR reports that Moore publicly applauded Siddhartha Khosla and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, for their nomination for “The Forever Now,” the song Moore herself sang in “The Day of the Wedding.”

Mandy Moore Chrissy Metz Emmys Snub This Is Us
Mandy Moore Chrissy Metz Emmys Snub This Is Us

Then she made the following observation: “Do I wish our show was recognized in what I think was [its] finest hour? Sure. And Dan Fogelman’s brilliant writing for 6 seasons (hello, THE TRAIN)? [Ken Olin’s] impeccable direction? Our insanely, wildly talented cast and crew? Yah…. But nothing can take away what our show meant to SO MANY (us included). That’s an incredible legacy to be a part of. I will be grateful forever. #thisisus.”

On the other hand, Metz was more direct, labeling herself “Bitter Betty” in an Instagram Story and pointing out the “ridiculousness” of the omission of Moore and Fogelman from this year’s nominees.

“When there are people who are so innately, incredibly gifted and talented who write a show — Dan Fogelman — and you act, and star in a show — Mandy Moore — that don’t get recognized for the beautiful work and the way that they have changed peoples’ lives and hearts and minds, and the connective tissue between other human beings, and they don’t get recognized for it?” she asked, with a scoff. “I understand it’s not everything, honey, but it’s somethin’.”

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