Mare of Easttown Episode 5: “Illusions”

One of the mysteries of the series Mare of Easttown has resolved in the last episode #5. It was one of the best episodes of this season. The episode was scary enough to watch. However, it broke the monotony of previous episodes. The episode is based on a tragic incident but satisfies watching it. It was enjoyable, but suddenly it returned to twist with the violent ending and death of one of the lead characters of the series. It was air on HBO as per usual timings. However, you can watch it online, any time on HBO max.

The title of the episode sounds much of the amazement of what kind of illusions we can expect in it. We can say that many of the mysteries of the series have been resolved in this episode. 

Mare and Colin get themselves involved in the cases how the missing girls and they come to know that it has nothing to do with the murder of Erin. There are many other suspects to it. The leads have to consider all of them from different angles to find out the real culprit.

The series revolves around Mare. She is a detective by profession. However, she is facing mental health issues. These mental health issues arose due to various factors like family conditions, circumstances, genetic factors, etc. She was under treatment with a good psychologist. 

She has a family history of mental illness and the male members in her family (great-grandfather and father) suicide due to it. She was concerned, actually scared for her brother Drew. So, she always tries to keep her family. Deep in her thoughts, she considers herself responsible for her father’s demise, mainly because she was taking care of her family. She thought of herself failure, as her father committed suicide.

Mare of Easttown Next Episode

As at the end of the fifth episode, Mare, the lead character of the show, sought all the issues with her partner Collin. He always wants to understand her and sort her issues. But she is suffering from mental health issues, faces mood swings.

As they have sorted all the issues as a couple and get themselves involved back to investigations, in search of missing girls. So, we can also expect this couple to remain the same in the coming episodes and work together like this only. The twist at the end of the fifth episode actually gave me goosebumps. It was the most thrilling and tense episode. I enjoyed watching it.

Mare of Easttown
Mare of Easttown

Likewise any other release, the audience is excited for the release of the next episode of Mare Easttown. It is very much expected that it will thrill the audience with a similar kind of twist. So, stay tuned and keep your excitement high. I am positive that the creators of the series won’t let you dishearten.

Will there be more episodes of Mare of easttown?

Yes, there will be a total of 7 episodes of the Mare of Easttown series in season one. However, we can’t assure you of next season or any more episodes in the same season, as there are no official announcements from the creators regarding it. 

How many episodes is Mare of easttown?

As mentioned above, there are only 7 episodes in Mare of Easttown season 1.

When can you watch Mare of easttown?

It is aired on HBO at 10:00 PM PT/ET. Or you can stream it online on HBO Max.


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